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Red Wine Braised Beef Olives

I have always looked at recipes for Beef Olives and thought they looked good but fiddly. They really aren't that fiddly at all and there's something satisfying about creating a dish that looks complex and accomplished along with being very tasty! My mission was really to make these Beef Olives as low syn as possible.… Continue reading Red Wine Braised Beef Olives

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Mini Cherry Bakewell Bites

These are a baked oats kind of texture. Not crunchy like a biscuit, not as soft as cake, a sort of in between result. The whole recipe makes 9 mini bites and if you are a grazer these are just the ticket to satisfy that sweet craving too. This is a meeting between Lo-Dough and… Continue reading Mini Cherry Bakewell Bites

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Being a Brand Ambassador

Lots of you who read this will have probably seen a link on my social media. Some may understand the world of being a 'blogger' , 'influencer', or 'brand ambassador '. Some of you may be intrigued - I get messages from people asking me how to become one. My response is always the same.… Continue reading Being a Brand Ambassador