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Lo-Dough Festive Pie

Following on from the success of the Lo-Dough Festive Slice Ken said to me why don't you recreate the Festive Pie that was so popular at Christmas and produced by a well known fast food chain. You can only imagine the calories in one of those which I presume are deep fried! So the challenge… Continue reading Lo-Dough Festive Pie

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Lo-Dough Dark Sweet Cherry Bakewell Pudding

This new Lo-Dough recipe was borne after gaining inspiration from other healthy Bakewell recipes. All of the recipes I came across, even though healthy contained pastry and we all know pastry is not just heavy on carbs and fats but it vastly increases the calorific content of an otherwise healthy and tasty dessert. The other… Continue reading Lo-Dough Dark Sweet Cherry Bakewell Pudding

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I am especially proud of this Lo-Dough creation - it's a delicious indulgent dessert but kind on the calories, amazingly filling, and a very good substitute for the calorie, sugar and fat laden Tiramisu - I call it Tiramisu-Lo as a tribute to the best low calorie and carb food created in years! The following… Continue reading Tiramisu-Lo

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Lo-Dough Cinnamon Swirl Kebabs

Most of my recipes start off with an idea whilst I am waking and planning what to do with my day. This morning I got quite excited about this one and couldn't wait to make it. Success of failure - I never know until I taste it! For the new visitors reading my blog posts… Continue reading Lo-Dough Cinnamon Swirl Kebabs

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What’s Hypnosis Ninja?

So I figure when we arrive at a blog post to find out about something that intrigues us we ask three main questionsWhat's Hypnosis Ninja? That's what I asked myself when I was very kindly accepted to trial their sessions. So Hypnosis Ninja have a selection of downloadable tracks which takes apx 20 mins to… Continue reading What’s Hypnosis Ninja?

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Being a Brand Ambassador

Lots of you who read this will have probably seen a link on my social media. Some may understand the world of being a 'blogger' , 'influencer', or 'brand ambassador '. Some of you may be intrigued - I get messages from people asking me how to become one. My response is always the same.… Continue reading Being a Brand Ambassador