Hi, I’m Debs! I live with my partner Ken and our chocolate labrador Charlie in North Yorkshire on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I have a little part time job and spend a lot of my time developing recipes, shopping and cooking! I chose the name Lifestyleandluxuries because I think it encompasses what I am about. I like my lifestyle. We spend most of our time on our beautiful big canal boat, we love the life. Although we have a house we try and spend as much time as possible on the boat. Since becoming a blogger I have collaborated with many companies and enjoy showcasing brands. I am a positive blogger. If I don’t like it, you won’t get to hear about it. I only bring to you the products I like in detail. We always like a little luxury and a comfortable lifestyle and my life isn’t just about food! So from food to jewellery to flowers to beauty to gadgets and clothing etc I share what excites me.

One of my great passions is Lo-Dough. You will see from my recipes I have created lots of recipes with it. It’s just so versatile and healthy! Here’s Charlie guarding my new delivery I love sharing my ideas and seeing others enjoy them as much as I do. That gives me great pleasure. I gain lots of inspiration from my followers on Instagram and appreciate the support from them all. I am passionate about healthy eating and always respond to messages and comments I get as long as they are genuine! Some of you, like me get the odd suspicious one!! I always try to be kind. There’s not enough kindness in the world so I like to sprinkle a bit more!

Me and Slimming World

Diet wise I cook the Slimming World way. Everything I make can be incorporated into the plan. When I think of new recipes to make I always tweak them to be lower in syns if not Syn Free. That’s the Slimming World part of my diet. Next is the calorie counting. Historically I am a binge eater. Even though I am doing really well I acknowledge that it won’t always be like that. I am calorie counting everything I eat to control my portions. That’s the thing that’s not really taught on Slimming World. Hence if you go off plan you tend to go big! Being more aware of my calorie intake and how much calories food contains makes me more mindful if I get the urge to overeat. There’s a lot of guilt attached to diets. Counting calories allows me to save calories for the end of the week or for times that I want a real treat and not feel guilty. I am allowing myself those treats if I need them and if I don’t, I have saved those calories and they will convert into weightloss. You will never take the Slimming World out of me, I have just selected parts of the plan that work for me, like controlling bread and dairy portions, speed foods and free foods (but not unlimited pasta, potatoes and rice) By counting my calories I limit high calorie foods like carbs to smaller portions than I would have solely on Slimming World.

I also think the word ‘syns’ can automatically attach guilt to your diet so although I am mindful of how many syns food contains I don’t stop myself from having something that may be high in syns, it is all accounted for within my calorie allowance.

We all find our own way to successful weightloss and this works for me. I am 70% Slimming World and 30% a calorie counter if that makes sense?

When people calorie count they tend to set their calories too low. This immediately puts you on a restricted diet and destined to fail. I am now monitoring my break even point so i know what calories I need to eat to maintain. I will then eat slightly below that to see a weightloss. It’s a work in progress. Slimming World has taught me an awful lot about healthy eating, I consume more vegetables that ever now!

I will always be a ‘Slimming Worlder’ and am an online member.

You can also find me on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook or email me at lifestyleandluxuries@gmail.com