The Quest for the Perfect Body and Weight Loss Struggles

How many of us have jumped on the bandwagon of trying to pursue the perfect body?

The moment you jump on board is the moment you put yourself under pressure. We all fall into that trap without thinking about the lifestyle changes beforehand. If you are like me, spotting the adverts for Herbalife, JuicePlus, Slimfast, Lighter Life etc – (and before you think I am endorsing them, just wait a minute) being tempted and see them as a fast track to weightloss is all too real. We ignore the long term changes that need to be implemented to make weightloss sustainable and get drawn in by the promise of our perfect dream body.

I have tried just about every quick fix you can imagine but unless you address your relationship with food, the gremlins will always lurk in the background.

Sometimes for some of us trying to find the right path is so difficult especially when your relationship with food has got a little out of control. I never judge anyone for constantly trying to find the best way for them. It’s a little bit like a drug addict or alcoholic trying to give up their chosen substance – they can have many goes at trying to kick the habit before it finally works. Sometimes I think it’s good to kick the diet and fall back into your default way of eating no matter how unhealthy it is but maybe limit the damage slightly by having one healthy meal a day so you get some nutrients in. Our heads get mashed with syns, calories, macros, Smartpoints etc and you have to get those out of your head to see a clear path from what I will describe as Base Camp.

Ask yourself which do you feel more at ease with? Clear your head and concentrate on that and that one only once your head is clear. For me the way forward from Base Camp is Slimming World but for you it may be something else. We sometimes flail about on different diets when we have been out of control – it’s a knee jerk panic reaction. Just relax a little – let the panic and guilt settle and then decide.

I think part of the problem is the very same social media that we use to ‘keep on track’ We become food obsessed – we are tempted by beautiful images of food, things we haven’t tried and desire. The more naughty the food looks the more we crave and desire them – this however is our obsession with unhealthy foods that is drawing us back in and is a real threat to our success. Just remember that every picture you see of a chocolate biscuit, cake or something else that looks amazing with no matter many syns, calories etc is not really a treat, it’s a diversion on your journey. For some of us if we follow that diversion it’s difficult to find the way back no matter how well it fits into your chosen plan.

I have chosen to write this blog post with no images. No pictures of the perfect body, no chocolate pictures or cakes and no temptation. Just a clean personal opinion and viewpoint.

Know your weaknesses, be honest with yourself. My weakness is chocolate and sometimes I choose to have it – but what I see as a small diversion whilst I enjoy what I love can sometimes result in me losing my way back and the struggles again all become too real.

I know there’s an argument that you shouldn’t deny yourself – but try telling that to an alcoholic – just a little bit of what you fancy does you good….!? That is going to lead to failure unless you are so strong that you are unstoppable. Regrettably not all of us are blessed with the same strength.

I think addictive personalities come into play. I have never taken drugs or smoked partly, because I find it difficult to control what I like. So for me it’s better to avoid than indulge as I know it’s a long way back.

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