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Prestige Flowers Bouquets

Thankyou to Prestige Flowers for sending me this stunning bouquets to review from their huge range of exquisite flowers. Prestige Flowers male present buying so easy. With true to description blooms you can also choose the size of your bouquet to fit your purse. You are given a choice of standard, medium or large. They even include a free box of British Handcrafted Chocolate Truffles which enhances your gift. Take a look at their stunning choice of bouquets

From the first moment you order your gift you can be ensured that quality and freshness is paramount. I have received a few bouquets from Prestige Flowers and the quality is always the best. I have also chosen to buy their bouquets as gifts for family and friends and the feedback and thanks I have received has been truly outstanding. Your flowers arrive in a sturdy box and from the moment you open the lid you can admire their beauty. There’s no fighting to release the flowers – losing flower buds in the process. You simply lift the flowers from the box and there’s your flowers in all their stunning glory. They arrive hand-tied and well presented in Prestige Flowers own designer wrap

All flowers come complete with flower food and a care card to get the most from your flowers. They also include a voucher which can be used for future purchases and a personalised gift card with your own words.

If you are no expert at arranging don’t worry, the flower experts at Prestige Flowers have already arranged them for you. They trim the roses, remove the bottom leaves so they don’t spoil the water and enclose only the best of blooms.

The flowers are expertly picked to form the most stunning bouquets

Seasonal flowers so beautiful and packed with care

I have been gifted these stunning flowers to review and do not receive any commission for reviewing them but I have no hesitation in recommending Prestige Flowers as they live up to their name – a Prestige Brand with Prestige Flowers.

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