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Eat Zest Review

Eat_zestUPDATE: I have been informed today 11/9/2018 that Eat Zest are no longer trading


Hands up! I contacted Eat Zest with a view to a collaboration. I loved the look of their meals and was intrigued how they could put tasty low calorie nutritious meals together, deliver them fresh not frozen and retain all the colour, flavour and quality. My meals when I make them in advance never look at good as when they are first made. I was delighted when they responded and trusted me with reviewing their products. My main findings are ;

  • They look as good as they do on the website
  • It’s a chance to try different meals without buying costly ingredients
  • They are cooked with health in mind
  • They are tasty
  • Wholesome Ingredients nutritionally balanced
  • Don’t rely on added ingredients such as salt, sugar, butter etc for their flavour
  • They are very filling
  • Generous portions
  • Very fresh
  • They look and taste better fresh rather than frozen
  • Some of the dye runs on the labels
  • It’s early days and Eat Zest are keen to make the quality even better, they are always working on new menus so keep an eye open!
  • The meals work so well for those busy times when you know you wont have time to cook, enabling you to retain your healthy diet

The great thing about these meals is that you don’t have to cook! Just pop them in the microwave and within a few minutes you can have a healthy curry, fish dish, Paella, Noodle salad, Plant based meal and many more. Their selection is immense. Eat Zest are on the ball metaphorically speaking. I sampled a great selection of meals from around the world to coincide with the World Cup. I chose 3 meals from the World Cup selection which includes Japan – Beef Tataki Noodle Salad with Sweet Tamarind Dressing, Mexico – Mexico Mexican Been and Sweet Potafo, Cocoa Chilli with Rice and Cashew and Coconut CreamBrazil – Brazilian Beef and Black Bean with Cashews and Quinoa. I also chose Teryaki Beef and Citrus Hake. There is no way I would want to produce meals like this every day. It takes time to calculate the calorific content of a meal less alone make it! I also like the fact that the components of the meal are deconstructed enough to allow you to arrange them on a plate for the meal to be pleasing to the eye. Let’s face it, we enjoy a meal far more when it’s well presented and you can do this with Eat Zest. I found that the meals that included quinoa especially don’t look as good when they have been frozen but others faired fine. Most of them contain spinach and spinach wilts when frozen.

My overall advice would be to buy 3 days at a time – that way you can keep the meals in the fridge, they still look and taste really well and there’s no loss of flavour or quality from freezing.

You can find Eat Zest at

The selection of meal choices is really good. You can choose a 3 day meal plan which covers all three meals and even add some snacks too!

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