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Banana and Plum Slice

Banana_and_plum_sliceThis recipe was inspired by Banana Pancakes. The trouble with breakfast is on a working day we never seem to have enough time to enjoy our breakfast. I made this recipe simply because I was in a hurry. I wanted to be able to take breakfast to work with me and enjoy it when I was ready.

It’s a simple recipe, prep it before getting ready for work and let it cook whilst you get dressed and get yourself together!

I prepped this and then popped in the bathroom to do my makeup and have a tidy around. 30 mins in a pre heated oven is long enough.

I carried mine to work in a container with no lid just to allow it to cool down. It was lovely and naturally sweet from the fruit, tasty and filling.

To make Banana and Plum Slice you will need

A food processor

A small baking tray or ovenproof

dish with deep sides

Baking paper

Pre heat oven to gas 6, electric 200, fan 180


1 piece of Lo-Dough – the low carb bread alternative blitzed into crumb

1 medium banana chopped

1 large egg

25ml semi skimmed milk

2 small sweet ripe plums chopped


Place the egg, banana and milk in a processor and blend until smooth

Add the Lo-Dough crumb to a bowl along with the egg and banana mix and the plums. Stir to mix thoroughly.

Place the baking paper on the tray

Spoon the mix into the paper in an oblong shape

Place in the oven towards the top for apx 30 mins until golden.

Cut into four and eat when ready – hot or cold!Banana_and_plum_slice


Nutritional information

266 calories per recipe

Carbs 38.4gms

Fat 7.1 gms

Protein 12.2

If you are on Slimming World Lo-Dough is 2 syns per slice. Weigh your banana and plums and syn according to weight – banana is 4 syns per 100gms cooked. Plums are 1.5 syns per 100gms cooked. Please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey.

The recipe is apx 7 syns for all 4 pieces.

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