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Chicken and Egg Spring Rolls

Chicken_and_egg_spring_rollsAfter spending a day wandering round the Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival and enjoying my time gin tasting, food sampling and being amazed by the huge variety of world foods on offer I was inspired to make something low calorie, healthy and low carb. Don’t get me wrong, the day was so enjoyable but it was also full of tempting foods and I had to be quite ruthless with myself in terms of what I brought home.

My prize buy of the day was a bottle of The Gift of Oil Pomegranate and Fig infused Balsamic Vinegar Pomegranate_and_fig_infused_balsamic_vinegarwhich is absolutely divine and was craftily incorporated into my breakfast this morning where I cooked some cherry tomatoes with garlic and basil with a drizzle of the balsamic and they were to die for!

I also purchased Yaus Mild Curry Sauce. On walking past the Yaus stall I remembered seeing them last year, trying their products and then going on to purchase, also whenever I have seen them out and about! I had, however never tried their curry sauce until yesterday Yaus_mild_curry_sauce

On approaching the stall they had small pieces of chicken to sample which had been marinaded in a very small amount of the curry sauce and then pan fried – they tasted nothing short of incredible. You only need a tbsp of the sauce to marinade and cook one chicken breast and what a transformation to just plain old chicken! I would definitely recommend trying it.

The biggest pull of the day (how I managed not to purchase this I don’t know) was Yorkshire Mayonnaise . My favourite flavours were Garlic, Lemon and Mustard – oh what I could do with those! Anyway I was in danger of being overloaded with jars so came away empty handed. I can honestly say though they were the nicest mayo varieties I have ever tasted!

So after my day of indulgence I decided to make up for it today – a day of low carb. I started the morning off with a tasty and filling low carb Lo-Dough breakfast stack which I posted on my instagram feed. The image below is linked to my page.

For lunch I decided to make Chicken Spring Rolls using egg wraps. I could have used Lo-Dough which is my ‘go to’ low carb saviour but I have plans for that later! Now before you start, they do not roll perfectly. It doesn’t matter at all as you will have created a lovely fusion of flavours with a crispy egg shell – the taste is so good and if you are on Slimming World they are completely syn free and on Weightwatchers just 1 SmartPoint for 4 but I doubt very much you can eat 4 in one go!

The spring rolls can be made without the chicken but I find meat dishes more filling and I need to keep myself satiated today whilst going low carb and the extra protein does just that.Chicken_and_egg_spring_roll

To make Chicken Spring Rolls you will need

Non stick frying pan

A spatula

A small bowl for beating the eggs one by one

Baking tray – preferably with a wire mesh similar to the one below. I purchased mine from HighStTVCopper_baking_tray


4 large eggs eggs

1 medium chicken breast diced very small – apx 1 cm pieces

1/2 small pack of stir fry vegetables with beansprouts

1 tsp dried minced garlic

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 tsp dried or fresh coriander


Pre heat oven to Gas 7, electric 220 fan 200

Break an egg into the small bowl and whisk with a fork.

To make the egg pancakes to contain the filling

Pre heat your frying pan to a low to medium heat sprayed with frylight

Add the beaten egg to your pan and swirl to cover the bottom. Fry until the egg can be easily lifted with a spatula. Normally when the egg starts to go golden when you lift the edges up you can turn the pancake over. Turn the pancake over and cook until golden on the second side. Set aside on a plate and repeat until you have made four pancakes.

To make the filling

In the same pan over a medium heat sprayed with frylight add the chicken. Sauté for apx 4 mins until the chicken is white all over.

Add the stir fry vegetables and stir fry for apx 3 mins. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue to cook until all the liquid has been absorbed – apx 5 mins. Divide into four portions.

Lay a portion of the filling onto each wrap and fold the best you can! If you can fold the edges in that’s great but I didn’t manage it with mine very well. Intricate work has never been my forte!

When you have rolled your pancakes – lay on your baking tray and place in the oven for apx 10 mins until golden brown. Remove carefully with a spatula. They should not fall apart but some juices from the filling may escape. Chicken_and_egg_spring_rolls

Nutritional information

Makes 4

Calories each 120

Carbs 2.7 gms

Fat 5.1 gms

Protein 13 gms

Syn free on Slimming World

1/4 Smart Point each on Weightwatchers

Please check your own syn/smartpoint values to protect your own weight loss journey as products can vary in values.

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