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Curried Rice and Potato Balls

Curried_rice_and_potato_ballsThese are for the time when you fancy carbs. When you want a tasty ‘carby’ accompaniment to a meal but don’t want to go mad. It’s far too easy to overload our plates full of carbs so these will help you to control that. They are also for those ‘nibbly’ times where you need something savoury. They are lovely straight from the oven, crispy with a subtle curried flavour.

This is no great complex recipe. They are simple to make and adjust to suit your own taste buds. You can add flakes of fish to make them into curried fish bites or add some chopped sautéed peppers and or even some mozzarella.

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To make Curried Rice and Potato Balls you will need

A medium sized pan with lid.

A plate

A small to medium sized bowl

Baking sheet or tart trayIngredients

1 pack Bachelors Mild Curried Super rice

70gms dried Smash

1 tsp aromat seasoning

1 tbsp dried coriander leaf

1 tsp dried minced garlic

50gms Panko breadcrumbs

Butter Frylight

Pre heat oven Gas 6, electric 200, fan 180


Cook the rice according to the pack.

Add the Smash to a bowl with the coriander leaf, dried minced garlic and aromat . Make up the Smash with boiling water to a stiff mashed potato consistency.

Mix the rice with the made up mashed potato and leave until cool enough to shape by hand

Place the panko crumb on a plate.

Divide the potato mixture into 10 equal pieces and shape into balls.

Spray baking tray with frylight

Roll the balls into the Panko crumb, and place each one onto your baking tray

Spray generously with frylight

Place in the top of the oven until golden brown for apx 15-20 minsCurried_rice_and_potato_balls

Nutritional information

Makes 10 – apx 73 cals each

Carbs 15.2 gms

Fat .4 gms

Protein 1.7 gms

If you are on Slimming World then count 1/2 syn for the aromat, then 7-9 syns depending on brand for the Panko crumb. Each ball is 1 syn.

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