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Potato, Sweetcorn and Ham Rosti

Potato_sweetcorn_and_ham_rosti This recipe is loosely based on my Spanish Omelette recipe. It’s similar ingredients but slightly faster to make.

I love the texture of grated potatoes, I adore rosti and really do enjoy food with different textures. I was thinking of making a straight forward Rosti but on its own without other added ingredients I didn’t think it would be that palatable cold, I wanted to make something that would taste good hot or cold.

It didn’t take me long to make this. I am lucky enough to have a food processor that grates. It makes the recipe much faster to make, I don’t like scraping my knuckles on a cheese grater! If you have the patience though using a normal grater is fine, it will just take a few minutes longer.

When you are grating Potato it can go brown quite quickly so concentrate on the task and don’t prepare it until you have your other ingredients to hand.

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To make Potato, Sweetcorn and Ham Rosti you will need

1 food processor with a grating attachment or a normal grater.

A medium sized non stick frying pan

Baking paper

Baking tray

A large bowl or deep plate.

Plenty of kitchen roll


3 medium washed unpeeled potatoes – I use King Edwards

4 small eggs beaten

6 slices wafer thin ham chopped

60gms grated cheddar cheese

100 gms drained canned sweetcorn

125ml semi skimmed milk

1 tsp onion salt

Fresh ground salt and pepper



Grate your potato. Place potato in a large bowl or deep plate. With plenty of kitchen roll press down onto the potato to remove as much of the liquid as possible so you have a drier consistency. You need to repeat this two or three times. Add the beaten egg, cheese, onion, Sweetcorn, salt and ham. Season and stir thoroughly.

Pre heat your oven to Gas 6, electric 200, fan 180

Warm your frying pan sprayed with frylight on a low to medium heat. Add the mixture. Turn the heat down to low and cook for apx 10-15 mins until it browns around the sides

Pop the pan under your grill for a few minutes until the top has set.

Place the baking paper on the baking tray and place upside down on the top of your pan. Flip over quickly

Place in the oven for apx 30 mins to cook the middle. The outer will crisp up and the centre will be softer.Potato_sweetcorn_and_ham_rosti

Serve hot with tomatoes, beans or mushrooms for breakfast or enjoy cold with a salad for lunch.

Nutritional information

Serves 5 – 229 cals per portion

Carbs 26.3 gms

Fat 8.3 gms

Protein 12.6 gms

Serves 5. If you cut it into 5 equal sized pieces each piece is syn free and half of your ‘healthy extra’ A

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