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Mini Meat and Potato Pies

Mini_meat_and_potato_pies_slimming_world_friendlyNow I am not going to act like I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs so to make this recipe you will need your best syn free Meat and potato hash to make these. You can also vary the filling and ‘make them your own’ The purpose of this recipe is to highlight the fact we have a perfect pie case which can be purchased in most supermarkets and they can be as little as 2 syns each on Slimming World. See Nutritional information below. They are the Mini Stand n Stuff Soft Tortillas Mini stand n stuff tortillasThese cases are not only great for Mexican Food they make fantastic quiches and Pies Mini_Slimming_World_friendly_Meat_and_Potato_PiesThe beauty about these is the fact you can use leftovers and make many different varieties to suit your own taste buds.To make these I used one more branded product – that was the Weight Watchers White Wraps Weight_watchers_white_wrapsEach box of tortillas contains 12. To make lids for 12 Pies you will need 3 wraps. Because of leftovers you will only effectively use 2 wraps. The leftovers weigh exactly the same as one whole wrap To make your lids line 4 tortilla shells on each wrap and cut around them Cut each one to size as they can vary in shape. Keep the right lid with the right case. Ok so that’s the fiddly work, so now for the rest of the recipe
You will also need

A baking tray

Baking paper bowl

Pastry brush

Pre heat oven to Gas 8 , Electric 230 Fan 210


1 pack Old El Paso Mini Stand n Stuff Tortillas

3 Weight Watchers White wraps

1 beaten egg

Pie filling of your choice – I used Meat and Potato Hash


Line a baking tray with baking paper

Place the cases evenly on top of the paper.

Add your pie filling. Do not overfill.

Brush the edges of the case with beaten egg. Now brush both sides of the lid with egg and make sure it is saturated. This makes it more pliable. Press the lid on top of the pie. The wetter with egg it is the better. It is more likely to stay in place and not curl if it is wet. Baste again with half of the remaining egg

Repeat until all the pies are filled and have lids on . Cut two V shapes in each lid with a sharp knife.

Place in the hot pre heated oven for 10 mins.

Baste again with the remaining egg and turn the heat down to Gas 6, Electric 200, Fan 180 Cook until golden brown – apx 25 mins altogether.


Each tortilla shell is 2 syns each

For the equivalent of two Weight Watchers Wraps used it is 12 syns

Therefore the lids are 1 syn each making each pie with a syn free filling 3 syns.

If you want to eat more than one pie you can have 3 for 6 syns if you use half of your Healthy Extra B. I have not added nutritional values as fillings can vary. To protect your own weight loss journey please make your own calculations

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