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Salter Back and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager

Salter_back_and_shoulder_shiatsu_massagerI am extremely grateful to Salter UK for sending me their amazing Back and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager to review.

It arrived in a sturdy box with a carry handle

The first thing you notice on the box is the 3 year guarantee. How many products come nowadays with that length of guarantee? There has got to be an extreme amount of confidence in the product from Salter UK and that reflects the fact it must be extremely well made and built to last. I did own a slightly similar product but this one appears more sturdy and robust.

Unpacking was a breeze. It comes with an Allen key to unfasten the cable packaging – Ken wasn’t around but I had it removed in seconds. I literally had it working within a couple of minutes. I sat mine on the settee, but you can also place it on a chair. It has a strap to hold it in place and to stop it from slipping. I plugged it in, presses the demo mode and off it went!

It really is that easy! The controls are kept in a little side pouch attached to the seat pad for easy location and storage. The controls are simple and straightforward to use. With a choice of settings you can target specific areas of your back or pinpoint problem spots. Whichever you prefer

The neck massage is perfect and can be used on its own without the back massage. It targets those spots down the side of the back of you neck that get sore from spending too much time driving or looking down at a computer screen. It’s like having your own masseuse! Just lift or tilt your head to get that ‘sweet spot’ where you need it most. I find by slightly raising your shoulder it also targets the top of the shoulder muscles that we try to massage ourselves when tense at work.

The Salter Back and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager also comes with a heat setting to help relax and work those muscles. I always use the heat setting as I find it comforting. The seat pad has a vibrate setting from low to high which I feel would be great to help ease the sciatica I get occasionally.

This is something your family will want to try. You can’t resist giving it a go and it’s not until you try it sometimes do you realise you do have tension in those muscles. The seat pad folds back up for easy storage and slips back into its box easily for neat storage.

This amazing Salter Deep Kneading Back and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager with soothing heat is normally £199.99

If you use Enter SALTER40 at checkout, you get 40% off. This is something that you could use all the time or keep it for those moments when you get home from work and think – I could do with a massage……

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