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Quick and Easy Lunch Boxes

Quick_and_easy_lunch_boxesI just had to do a quick blog post to show you how I made these delicious lunch boxes – they are so quick and easy and use simple products but the results are impressive!

I decided to make a Caribbean themed box but you can adapt this to suit.

I decided to use Taste Inc Spicy Chicken Fillets – if you are on Slimming World then they are only 1/2 syn each filletTaste_inc_Spicy_chicken_fillets

I also used a small tin of sweetcorn. I used Green Giant original corn.

Another ingredient I used was the Tilda Caribbean Rice and Peas limited edition which is 5 syns for the whole pack on Slimming World. Tilda_caribbean_rice_and_peas

Why spend time making my own and making far too much when it’s already done for me!

To make these quick lunch boxes you will need

A non stick frying pan with lid

3 sealable microwaveable lunchboxes


2 different coloured peppers each deseeded and cut into six pieces

1 small sweetcorn drained thoroughly

1 pack of microwaveable rice.

6 pieces of small ready cooked no skin chicken fillets

1 small bag prepared salad



In a non stick frying pan sprayed with frylight add the drained sweetcorn and dry over a medium to high heat until charring, place on a plate and leave to cool

Rinse the pan, spray with frylight and add the peppers. Place on a medium to low heat with the lid on the pan and cook for apx 5 mins until some of the juices from the peppers begins to appear in the pan. Remove the lid. Turn the peppers and raise the heat slightly, cook until charred and starting to blacken – this will give a sweeter flavour . It will take apx 15 mins in total. Leave to cool.

Meanwhile, squish the rice pack to break up any lumps. Open and divide between the 3 boxes

Open the salad bad and divide between the boxes

Open the chicken fillets and place in the boxes

Once the sweetcorn and peppers are cool, add to the boxes.

Place the lids on the boxes and keep in the fridge for no longer than 3 days.

To heat, remove the salad if you don’t want cooked leaves, place the lid on loosely and place in the microwave for apx 4 mins (depends on your microwave power) until piping hot. Replace the salad – Serve immediately.


Nutritional information

Calories per lunch box 284

Carbs 31.1 gms

Fat 6.7 gms

Protein 22.5 gms

If you are on Slimming World they work out a smidgen over 2.5 syns each so I would round it up to 3 syns . Please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey. I am an online member of Slimming World and check my syn values against the app. They are correct at the time of posting.

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