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Nectarine and Cinnamon Pancakes

Nectarine_and_cinnamon_pancakesI was a bit dubious at first about these. I have never cooked with nectarines before and to be honest I normally prefer a savoury breakfast, but there’s something very indulgent about these. Perfect for a Monday morning with your working week just beginning. They made me feel happy and indulged, yet knowing they are healthy too I was delighted how they turned out. Full of great ingredients, served with a serving of fresh raspberries and lovely thick Greek yoghurt they were a real taste sensation!

From today I am knuckling down again after a very indulgent time and a holiday. These delicious pancakes are my way of saying, ‘yes, I am back on it, but in a way I can still enjoy delicious wholesome nutritious food and not feel like I am denying myself’. For more pancake recipes see Cinnamon Pancakes with Berry and Chia Coulis


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I made these pancakes using the very versatile Low carb and calorie Lo-Dough which is a great low calorie alternative for many things including wraps, bread, pastry, breadcrumbs etc. It is also gluten free, fat free, sugar free and is paleo and vegetarian. Yes, you could make them with oats but in fact they would contain more calories and also that oaty flavour which I didn’t want. I wanted them to taste fresh and light and they were spot on!

For those reading this who are on Slimming World the synnable ingredients are

Lo-Dough – 2 syns

Butter – 2 syns

Honey – 1 syn

Cooked nectarine – 2 syns

You can use your healthy extra a for the milk. Some don’t syn fruit but that’s your decision. Please check your own Syn values to protect your own weight loss journey

I stacked my pancakes with Fage Total Greek yogurt which in my opinion is the best!

To make these delicious Nectarine and Cinnamon Pancakes you will need

A food processor

A non stick frying pan with a lid

A good spatula

A small bowl


A drive to make the best and most delicious pancakes !


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into crumb

1 large egg

100ml semi skimmed milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp sweetener ( optional)

1 tsp runny honey

1 tsp butter

1 nectarine peeled and chopped into very small pieces

Butter Frylight


In a small bowl combine the Lo-Dough crumb, egg, milk, vanilla essence and optional sweetener. Set aside

Using your non stick frying pan over a low heat, warm the butter until melted. Add the honey and stir. Add the chopped nectarine and cinnamon and cook until starting to soften and slightly ‘mushy’

Add the fruit to the rest of the ingredients in your bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed.

Rinse your frying pan and spray with frylight

On a low to medium heat using a tablespoon drop spoonfuls into your pan leaving space to spread in between . You should be able to make 6-8 pancakes but may have to make them in two batches depending on the size of your pan

Place the lid on the pan. This will help the top to cook and make it easier to flip them over. Cook with the lid on for apx 3 mins. When the pancakes are firm enough to flip over, spray the tops with frylight and flip over with your spatula. Cook for around 3 mins. Repeat until golden.

Stack your pancakes with filling of your choice and enjoy whilst piping hot! Nectarine_and_cinnamon_pancakes

Nutritional information

Calories (whole recipe) 272

Carbs 21.5 gms

Fat 11 gms

Protein 13.4 gms

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