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Red Wine Braised Beef Olives

Serving Suggestion

I have always looked at recipes for Beef Olives and thought they looked good but fiddly. They really aren’t that fiddly at all and there’s something satisfying about creating a dish that looks complex and accomplished along with being very tasty! My mission was really to make these Beef Olives as low syn as possible. I have created my own recipe and flavours and hope you enjoy them as much as we did. This meal will serve 4 but having hearty appetites we decided to have the lot between us! The bonus about this recipe is that it comes with a little extra. There’s enough stuffing left over to make 4 meatballs which you can either roast or place in the gravy to cook with the Olives that you can enjoy for a tasty lunch another day or you can serve them with your meal as an accompaniment- Just shape into balls.

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They will freeze for a couple of weeks though, that’s if you keep them that long seeing as it’s BBQ season!

If you are on Slimming World then check the syn value of the wine you use. Mine was a medium red wine which was 6 syns for the glass. No I didn’t take a sip! Despite being tempted! I used Lo-Dough instead of conventional bread for the crumbs. Lo-Dough is 2 syns but only about 1 syn is used for the stuffing because of the leftovers which makes the whole dish 8 syns counting the cornflour. If split between 4 people that’s just 2 syns a portion. We actually split it between 2 so that was 4 syns each. If you make 4 extra stuffing balls or patties with the leftover stuffing they are literally only about 1/4 of a syn each!

The secret to keeping these Red Wine Braised Olives as Low syn as possible is the stuffing. Most stuffings use breadcrumbs. I used 1 piece of The lightest lowest calorie bread alternative Lo-Dough blitzed into crumb to help hold the stuffing together and to absorb and retain the delicious red wine and herb infused gravy

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To make Red Wine Braised Beef Olives you will need

4 wooden skewers with 1/3 of the length cut off. Be careful to remove any loose pieces. There’s no need to soak them.

A Casserole dish or deep frying pan with lid that you can use on a hob.

A food processor for making the Lo-dough crumb and stuffing.


For the stuffing

1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into crumb

1 small chicken breast cut into small chunks

4 pieces of smoked bacon cut into pieces

6 medium mushrooms finely chopped

1 small red onion finely chopped

1 tbsp each of dried or fresh parsley and sage

2 garlic cloves peeled and grated

For the Olives

4 minute steaks cut across the longest length in half

3 small red onions roughly chopped

2 large carrots cut into small batons

125 ml red wine

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 Beef oxos stirred into 400ml boiling water

1tbsp cornflour

Butter or olive oil Frylight


Place the chicken and bacon into your processor and blitz to form the start of your stuffing – it should be the consistency of sausagemeat

In a large bowl place the Lo-Dough crumb, blitzed chicken and bacon, the red onion you have finely chopped for the stuffing, sage, parsley, garlic, mushrooms and seasoning with salt and pepper. Using your clean hands squeeze the mixture between your fingers to blend until thoroughly and evenly mixed. Set aside.

On a flat clean surface lay your minute steaks out. Using apx 1 heaped tbsp per Olive shape the stuffing into small sausages. Lay at one end of the steak and roll

Set each olive to one side

Using two skewers side by side to hold the olives securely, carefully thread half of the olives onto the skewers pushing the skewers through the loose end first, don’t push together leave a small space for the heat to evenly cook each olive.

Place your casserole dish or pan on the hob on a medium heat and spray with frylight. Place each set of olives into the pan and sauté until brown. Remove the olives and set aside.

In the same casserole dish add remaining red onion and the carrot batons and sauté until glazed. Add the red wine. Slowly add the beef oxo stock and Worcestershire sauce. Lower the olives back into the pan.

Bring to the boil. Place lid on dish,

Reduce heat and simmer for apx 1hr 30mins. To thicken the gravy mix the cornflour with a couple of tbsps of cold water until smooth. Pour into the gravy and stir thoroughly until the gravy thickens. Cook for a further 10 mins then serve.Beef_olives

Nutritional information (includes the stuffing balls – or burgers)

Calories per serving (serves 4) 289

Carbs 21.6 gms

Fat 8.7 gms

Protein 30.7 gms

Serving suggestion

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