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My One Year Of Creativity Using Lo-Dough

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One year ago a little post popped up on my Facebook page with a picture of what was reported to be the lightest lowest calorie bread alternative. A healthy low carb bread which was breaking into the health market. My ears pricked up and I was hooked. I contacted them, I had to, they were from my home town of Rochdale and I automatically felt a connection. What followed from thereon has been an incredible journey. I have seen Lo-Dough grow from a very small team to something even more vibrant, exciting, innovative and ground breaking.

After my initial contact, Rob and Ben from Lo-Dough very kindly sent me some samples. I never thought at that stage that I would explore my creative side over the next year and invent uses for this incredible product that can be a wrap, a pudding, a pizza, a pie, a cake, a biscuit and much much more. I now have many recipes on my blog to inspire.

The first thing I tried was a wrap. Lo-Dough as the guys openly state is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. I sat in the middle. I wasn’t sure. It had so much potential though to make my diet healthier I had to do more with it. I made a pizza. Well, I can say I was honestly hooked. I think that was the moment I knew it’s potential. The lightbulb moment. And from that moment I have never looked back. My Instagram feed has been alight with ideas.

I have had some huge breakthroughs. The Festive Slice was massiveSteak and Kidney Pudding with Hidden Root Vegetables was incredible The Lamb and Mint Pudding nearly broke my blog! The traffic was phenomenal for my small blog. The possibilities with this product are immense. I have explored the arty side with a take on Finding Dory with my Fish pie swimming in the coral

I’ve explored the boundaries of my mind and just when I think I can’t think of anything more to make with Lo-Dough, another idea pops up like Summer Pudding with a Chambourd JellyI have got to know how it tastes, how it performs, how it interacts with other food products, and how it behaves under different cooking methods. It made a delicious breakfast burger

Here’s my recreation of the famous Festive Pie

And a delicious Cherry Bakewell

I have also got to know the team when I took my mum along to meet them

This was the early days and although the team has grown it still has a family feel to it. These guys are down to earth, fun, honest, humble, open and absolute geniuses! I am proud to have followed this crazy mind blowing journey in parallel which for me has reignited my love of creating recipes. So all I have to do is say Thankyou to the team at Lo-Dough, please keep on creating this unique product which means so much to so many, whether on a voluntary or enforced diets or just those who are ditching the bread in favour of something far healthier!

Lots of love

Debs x

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