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Field_and_flower_rump_steakI was so excited to be given to opportunity to collaborate with this prestigious brand field&flower

For a while I have been looking for an ethical meat producer with animal welfare high on their list. I have seen such good reports about their products that I decided to contact them. When they replied and said they would be delighted to gift me a box to review their products I was so pleased. This brand are not only committed to high animal welfare, they are committed to the small independent British Farmers who work so hard to compete with the mass producers. Using small farms field&flower support them towards a sustainable future and ensure that the products they bring to our table are simply the best. The field&flower mission is ‘British, traditional and traceable, the field&flower way’

So who are field&flower

field&flower was started up when two young guys (both called James) met at agricultural school.

James Flower is a fifth generation farmer and James Mansfield is a passionate food lover. The combination of their passions was perfect and from the early days of buying a single cow to market they have worked hard to achieve success. The two James’s now produce products which can be delivered all over the country. Success isn’t built overnight and their success is built on ethics, reputation and quality.

field&flower have gone on to provide a subscription box service that delivers high quality grass fed, free range meats of your choice directly to your door. The subscription service can be cancelled or suspended at any time and you can vary your choice by selecting from a diverse range of meat products. Standard Delivery is only £2.95 I have a discount code listed below which is £15 off first subscription orders – minimum spend £39.50

Your box arrives chilled but not frozen, fresh and vacuumed packed.

The quality really is great. What you would expect from independent British farms. The chicken is free range from farms that really do let their chickens roam free, not forced fed, just allowed to mature as nature intended and well cared for.

I found the chicken isn’t pumped full of water, and is firm and plump. It made a delicious Dopiaza curry. Field_and_flower_chicken_breasts Their succulent steaks are melt in the mouth juicy from prime herds of Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle, aged for a minimum of 28 days to give a great depth of flavour. We enjoyed ours with stuffed peppers and salt and pepper stir fried onionsIn this box I also received some beautiful salmon fillets with a great depth of colour sustainably farmed in Scotland. I cooked the salmon with a Tarragon sauce and served with sweet potato rosti. Field_and_flower_salmon_filletsI can honestly say it’s the lightest most delicate salmon I have ever tasted. There was hardly any cooking smell which was a real bonus and very much reflects the freshness of the fish.

Also included in the box – Pork Sausages with 85% pork with fennel, Field_and_Flower_Pork_Sausages These sausages are beautiful. A good meaty sausage with a slight sweetness, hint of pepper and fennel and are lovely and juicy. You can see the Pork in these sausages, you can see what you are eating. I was a little reticent at first wondering what the fennel would be like in these sausages but it’s only an enhancement to a good premium sausage with excellent flavour. These sausages don’t really need any accompaniments, they eat so well it would be an absolute travesty to mask the flavour.

Now, hands up I can’t remember ever having tried Venison. So my first thought was what am I going to cook with these beautifully lean two Venison haunch steaks. I googled a few recipes and found one that was Slimming World friendly.

The recipe I used carries some syns (5 per portion) as it uses red wine and red currant jelly and also flour for thickening. I could have adapted the recipe but I decided I didn’t want to compromise on taste and I am pleased I didn’t. The recipe was lovely and the Venison was just melt in the mouth tender with a beautiful flavour. I will definitely have Venison again! Field_and_flower_venison

field&flower also supply beautifully cured back bacon . I had one excited man at home as Ken has a real bacon obsession. If he could only eat one type of meat for the rest of his life it would be bacon. He is a bacon connoisseur. I didn’t need Ken however to tell me how good this bacon is. Field_and_Flower_Back_Bacon

It’s not too salty and made a delicious breakfast stack with sweet potato fritters and egg. The bacon isn’t cut too thin and doesn’t fall apart when removing from the wrapping. The bacon is tender not tough and very very tasty.Field_and_flower_bacon

You have to try the Cider Chorizo – it is so good! Field_and_Flower_Chorizo

It is more meaty than fatty unlike some chorizo and there’s no troublesome paper to peel away. It is made from the best paprika – Paprika is a spice that really can vary in flavour. The extra added ingredient of British Cider gives a slight undertone of apple but beware, if you open the pack like I did, it will soon be gone! The Apple takes away some of the sharpness that you find with some chorizos and makes a more mellow flavoursome sausage. Add to your favourite pasta dish or top a delicious homemade pizza to sample this fine chorizo. I made a Cider Chorizo with Orzo Pasta and SpinachCider_chorizo_with_orzo_pasta_and_spinach

To make this you will need


300gms dried Orzo Pasta

30gms Cider Chorizo chopped roughly

8 cherry tomatoes chopped

1 small red onion chopped

4 large handfuls of babyleaf spinach washed and torn slightly

4 tbsp low fat green pesto

1 tbsp lemon juice

Fresh ground salt and pepper


Cook the pasta in salted boiling water as per instructions on the pack, drain.

In a large bowl combine the spinach, tomato and red onion. Add the hot pasta. Lemon juice and pesto and stir thoroughly . Set aside for the flavours to mingle and the spinach to wilt.

In a small pre heated frying pan add the chorizo and fry on a medium heat for a couple of minutes until the oil starts to appear from the chorizo in the bottom of the pan. Dress the pasta with the chorizo and serve. For an extra twist add a few flakes of freshly grated Parmesan. This is delicious hot or cold.

The last cut I tried I saved until last as it is my favourite meat – Lamb. I love lamb but it’s so hit and miss sometimes and can either be fatty or extremely tough. These Lamb leg steaks were neither of those and the natural sweetness of the lamb and tenderness didn’t disappoint. Field_and_flower_lambWe enjoyed our lamb in a mint and red wine gravy with vegetables. A perfect meal after a hard days work!

For new customers subscribing get £15 off your first box with code DEBRA15OFF at field&flower

Minimum spend £39.50 before discount. Delivery is only £2.95

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