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Home Bargain Flowers

First of all I have to thanks Home Bargain Flowers for brightening my day. I finished work after a long week and arrived home to this beautiful gift. It really did give me a lift and that’s what a gift of flowers is intended to do. I have never received flowers from them before and was intrigued to know what the quality was like. In truth I couldn’t be happier!

Home Bargain Flowers are no budget flower company despite the incredibly low prices. Their Flowers start from £9.99 with free delivery! The flowers are lovely quality, professionally picked and arranged and expertly boxed ensuring they arrive safely and in excellent condition.

They arrive in a tall sturdy box

Safely nestled and secured in place so they don’t move in transit


The flowers I have received today are bright and cheery, excellent freshness and perfectly bunched into a lovely bouquet.

The flowers are hand tied and double wrapped with a moist wrapping around the stems to keep them fresh. Also included is a small sachet of flower food.

The bottom leaves and thorns have been removed from the roses just like a professional florist would do to maximise the life of your flowersHome_Bargain_Flowers

A small boxed glass vase was also included so I didn’t have to hunt around for a suitable container for them. They took Little arrangement, I just snipped the stems slightly and placed in the water with the flower food

The roses are perfect. The bouquet also included Freesias and Iris.

I am so happy with these flowers and will definitely be checking out their other selections next time I want to send flowers! See the beautiful selection of floral gifts here Home Bargain Flowers

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