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Pease Pudding Corned Beef Pie

Firstly I have to say this isn’t my recipe. That’s why I haven’t taken any photographs to document the making. I was so pleased with the outcome though I decided to document it for my records!

I first saw this recipe on one of the Slimming World diet followers pages and after my initial thoughts of yuk, the more I thought about it, my thoughts turned into yum!

This recipe is testament to how creative us Slimming Worlders get when it comes to food. I never knew I was so creative myself until I started the diet. Well, indeed, what followed was like Pandora’s Box! All manner of recipes keep coming into my head! Some are inspired by others and some are just borne from a good night sleep and thoughts of food going round in my head.

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To make this pie you will need a medium sized deep pie plate, a medium sized pan, a potato masher and a mixing bowl.


2 small tubs of Pease Pudding ( I got mine from Asda in the chiller section)

1 200gm tin of Princes lean corned beef cubed

2 large eggs

1 small onion chopped

3 medium sized potatoes such as King Edwards cubed

2 oxos


Pre heat oven to Gas 6, electric 200, fan 180


Using your mixing bowl add the pease pudding and both eggs, mix thoroughly until smooth.

Spray your pie plate with frylight and spread half of the Pease Pudding mixture around the plate until it covers the plate like the bottom pastry layer of a pie. Place in the oven for 15 mins. Don’t worry if it shrinks slightly.

Meanwhile whilst the bottom is cooking, add the potato and onion to the pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil then reduce and simmer until cooked.

Drain the potatoes and onion. Add the corned beef and crumble the oxos in and mash. Spread this over the bottom layer of your pie. Spread it from the centre, sloping down almost to the edge leaving a slight gap. Add the remaining pease pudding to the top and smooth over so it looks like a pie topping. I used clean hands to smooth it around the edges or you can use a spatula knife. With a fork press around the edge to create the fluted look on a pie. Some mark the whole of the pie to make it look more like a cottage pie – do whatever you like. It does tend to crack a lot so don’t expect a perfect pie.

Place back in the oven for apx 25 – 40 mins until it forms a Crust. Don’t worry about cracks and splits, it looks more rustic! So how does it taste? Well I love it for such a low syn pie with one of my favourite fillings it’s quite tasty! With a splash of ketchup on top it will finish it off nicely! Then leave to cool slightly before serving.


Nutritional information

Calories per serving (serves 4) 363

Fat 8.2 gms

Carbs 47.6

Protein 26.5

Syns per serving 1 or if you have an extremely voracious appetite only 3 for the whole pie!! Please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey

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