Chocolate Butternut Spice Bites

Chocolate _butternut_spice_bitesSo what do you do with some butternut squash, eggs and Lo-Dough You make a cake of course! My mind is constantly ticking, wondering what flavours and textures work together. Sometimes I fail miserably and sometimes I succeed. The more you play with food, the more aware you become of what works well together. This recipe has the moist texture of a brownie, the speed element already thrown in if you are a Slimming Worlder – it contains speed and free foods, a win win recipe! It uses very little of your syns so that’s another plus. Oh and whilst I am thinking about pluses and minuses – it also has chocolate, get your speed and free foods in and have some choccy too! I can see those devil horns coming out already and I am smiling writing this!! Butternut_spice_bites

Oh, did I mention they are only 47 calories each? Or the fact that they are only 1 syn each?

And…… they are easy to make too.

Ok, enough waffling, get on with it Debs!!

To make these gorgeous little Chocolate Butternut Spice Bites you will need


1 flat silicone tray or similar

Cooling rack – raised mesh tray

Small microwaveable pot

Mixing bowl


2 pieces of Lo-Dough blitzed into crumbs – can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

250gms cooked and mashed butternut squash ( I blasted mine in the microwave for a few mins after I had weighed it and chopped it into cubes but you can boil it too)

2 extra large eggs

1/2 tsp each of ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg

4 level tbsp sweetener

Pinch of salt

Butter Frylight

10gms milk or dark chocolate

Pre heat oven to Gas 6, electric 200, fan 180


Combine all the ingredients apart from the chocolate in a mixing bowl

Make sure the mixture is fully blended and smooth, you can use the back of a spoon for this – it should be like a wet cake mix.

Once mixed, spray your container with butter Frylight and spread the mix evenly. Use a knife to straighten the edges . You want the thickness of a brownie so don’t spread too thin. The mixture doesn’t really spread when baked so make sure you get the shape right with even thickness throughout

Place on a baking tray in the oven for 25 mins

Cut any uneven edges away, divide into 9 squares and leave on a rack to cool.

Meanwhile whilst cooling, place the chocolate into a very small microwaveable pot and microwave for 30 secs at a time until the chocolate is melted. Drizzle the chocolate over the squares and spread with the back of a teaspoon to cover. It’s a very fine layer but it’s enough!

Nutritional information

9 servings, 47 calories each

1 syn each on Slimming World

Carbs 4.8 gms

Fat 1.9 gms

Protein 2.5 gms

Important : If you are on Slimming World please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey

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