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Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Burger Bun

Breakfast_burger_bunThis has got to be one of the most filling savoury breakfasts on Slimming World using Lo-Dough and for only 2 syns plus your hexa or 360 calories you can’t go wrong! My intentions were to use my Lo-Dough Breakfast Burger Bun with a Quorn Sausage Pattie but unfortunately disaster occurred – I ended up cooking one of Ken’s Birds Eye Beef Burgers by mistake so my breakfast was minus the Pattie. But, this recipe is all about how you can make a filling breakfast burger bun to either enjoy on its own or to build your own healthy burger.

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To make a Breakfast Burger Bun you will need

Food processor

Non stick frying pan

Small bowl


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into crumb – Low calorie bread alternative

1 large egg

2 pieces of grilled bacon with fat removed cut into small pieces

30gms cheddar cheese grated



Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix wellMake_a_lodough_burger_bun

Shape into two patties Cooking_a_breakfast_burger_bun

Place in a non stick frying pan sprayed with frylight and fry until golden brown each side, add some sliced tomatoes to the pan for speed and extra filling power Cooking_a_lodough_burger_bun

Serve with creativity and enjoy!


Nutritional information

2 Syns per serving on Slimming World – please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey

Calories 360

Carbs 4 gms

Fat 20 gms

Protein 29 gms

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