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Spring has sprung!

I am delighted today to receive some stunning flowers from Prestige Flowers.

Prestige Flowers are always the best quality flowers delivered. They last, they are expertly prepared to maximise their longevity and beautifully arranged. These gorgeous flowers arrived in a tall sturdy box with carry handle. The box is expertly packed to protect the contents and not even one broken bloom! Prestige_flowers

The box is easy to open, no fiddly fixings, the flowers are so easy to remove, they just lift out. The packaging has been well thought out to make sure whoever opens it is no less than delighted!


As soon as you open the box the beautiful blooms strike you, the freshness, the colours and the lovely arrangements are a delight. Flower_delivery_uk

Accompanied by a lovely Charlie Bear and British handcrafted chocolates you can be reassured that Prestige Flowers live up to their name – it’s a prestige brand, delivering the best flowers to your recipient. There are flowers for every occasion, choose from various sizes to suit your pocket.

Last week my friend who is a florist by trade showed me how to prepare flowers for arrangement, how it’s best to remove thorns and leaves from roses etc. Well, I didn’t have to do any of that – they were already done! The case was included along with flower food, all I had to do was give them water, place in the vase and decide where to put them! Roses_delivered

Each flower is perfect and depict to me the perfect English Country Garden – stunning! Prestige_flowers

Each bloom is full of beauty


From thistles and roses to the long lasting Lisianthus the bouquet is so lovely! You can find more exquisite bouquets by Prestige Flowers available for next day delivery Prestige Flowers delivered

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