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Pork Satay Roll

Pork_SatayWith half a pack of leftover lean pork mince in the fridge which needed using and very little time and patience due to a muscle pull in my shoulder I had to make something easy. I mean easy!!

I raided the cupboards and found a jar of Satay sauce from Tesco and so the Pork Satay Roll was borne! My go to on plan kitchen ingredient is Lo-Dough. You can just eat it as a wrap, with little effort make a pizza and from there the world is your oyster as you can then make pies, Puddings, biscuits, mug cakes, and many many more. If I can prep this in 5 mins and pop it in the oven you can too!

If you want to add vegetables you can – adding bean sprouts, steamed shredded carrot and or cabbage will turn your Pork Satay roll into a mega spring roll!

Pre heat oven to Gas 5 electric 190, fan 170

To make a Pork Satay Roll you will need

A rolling pin

Baking tray

Tin foil

The paper that Lo-Dough comes wrapped in


2 pieces of Lo-Dough which can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

200 gms less than 5% fat minced Pork

120 gms satay sauce

2 tbsp of mild curry powder


Sprinkle of coriander leaf


Lay two pieces of the Lo-Dough paper (not edible!!) as below

Lay two pieces of Lo-Dough on top as below

With a pastry brush lightly brush the inside of the overlap with water, then using a rolling pin roll over the join to seal. Roll all the Lo-Dough to flatten and give a thinner texture.

In a bowl place the mince, Satay sauce and curry powder and mix thoroughly. Spread the meat mix over the Lo-Dough in a thin layer. Rolling from the short edge, roll into a ‘Swiss roll’ shape with the join at the bottom. Place onto the foil, sprinkle with the coriander leaf and wrap, lift the edges up first to ensure no juices escape. Place your Pork Satay Roll wrapped in tin foil on a baking sheet with the foil seal on top. Pop into the oven and cook for 1 hour.



Serve with a little mango chutney and enjoy whilst still hot! Serves 4 as a starter sized meal

Nutritional information

Slimming World 3 syns per portion – please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey

Calories 116 per portion

Carbs 4.6 gms

Fat 4.1 gms

Protein 13 gms

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