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Lo-Dough Potato Cakes

A low calorie breakfast recipe using Lo-Dough

This is a simple no waffle recipe that really enhances your breakfast. LoDough_Potato_Cakes

I woke this morning to Ken asking, I am making breakfast, do you want a ‘tata cake’ in a true Lancashire accent. That’s because it’s where we originate from!

‘No ta’ I replied having that instant lightbulb moment! My best recipes come just before rising in a morning. I quickly got dressed and hurried to the kitchen almost shouldering Ken out of my way as he finished cooking his morning banquet.

I had the pack of Lo-Dough in my hand and the bowl of leftover mashed potatoes from the fridge in an instant. I had promised Ken I would make him potato cakes yesterday but I was far too busy and didn’t get home until late. It’s a bit of a guessing game for me to get them right and we usually have a discussion on eating them on whether they were as good as last time!

I have to quickly mention that conventional Potato Cakes are around 7 syns each on Slimming World – these are 1/2 syn !!

Anyway, I hijacked the mash this morning and quickly blitzed my Lo-Dough and the creation began!

LoDough_Potato_cakes_breakfast*This post contains affiliate links*

To make Lo-Dough Potato Cakes you will need


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into crumbs using a processor – can be purchased here (use code Debs10 for 10% off) Low calorie bread alternative

1 heaped ladle full of cold leftover mashed potato – apx 200gms

Frylight to fry

That’s it!!

Just combine the ingredients and mash thoroughly with a fork. If you are feeling lazy and have just used the processor for the crumbs, just add the mash and blitz a little while longer!

Shape into 4 rounds, fry in a non stick frying pan sprayed with frylight- it really is so simple!

Serve with bacon, eggs and a splash of ketchup or any other preferred breakfast items!

Nutritional information

Makes 4

1/2 syn each on Slimming World- please check your own syn values

Calories 66 each

Carbs 9.1 gms

Fat 2 gms

Protein 1.6 gms

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