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The Curious Cheese Company

The Curious Cheese Co is a new and exciting find. Aptly named, their unique cheese blends rightly earn the title ‘ Gourmet’ The_Curious_Cheese_Co The business, like its recipes is a rare blend of three friends who share a passion for good cheese. Cheese spreads that taste like cheese, that have texture, flavour and character. Partners Dai Nicolas, George Katsoras and Jane Arthern took the idea which started in a West Wales kitchen and with their shared passion The Curious Cheese Co was borne.

In 2018 they achieved further success winning a Theo Paphitis SBS award which was recognition for their innovative blends of fine cheeses.

So why would a Slimming Worlder or calorie counter be interested in Cheese? Isn’t it incredibly high in syns? , can’t we use our syn allowance for run of the mill cheeses, isn’t that enough? Well, for me, I love food. That’s what brought me here. Having gourmet food need not be a thing of the past as we follow our quests to be slimmer and healthier. I can hear you saying, ‘I can’t have that, it’s too high in calories or fat’ But what if I tell you that you can enjoy this delicious range of cheeses, and spend less syns or calories that you would spend on a bag of crisps!

I am not lying. We have just enjoyed and loved their outstanding Welsh Rarebit blend on a steak strip wrap with pan fried onions, French style fries and 25gms of wonderful melty Welsh Rarebit cheese for just 70 calories – that’s 3.5 syns by my calculation ( I am a Slimming World member and use the no free food – divide calories by 20 rule) Our dinner was nothing short of incredible. Welsh_RarebitI am no food photographer, I am no chef, but this delicious oozy cheesy Welsh Rarebit blend left us licking our lips! The_Curious_Cheese_Co_welsh_rarebitIt transformed a basic steak and onion sandwich into a gourmet feast.

So what’s different about this Welsh Rarebit cheese spread? Well, first and foremost it tastes like cheese. There is texture, it’s just like the spread has been made in your kitchen from grated cheese, spices and lots of other yummy ingredients – the delicious little mustard seeds delightfully explode in your mouth with the wonderful taste of good ale and honey. This will be unbelievable with pasta or chicken or simply popped under the grill on a slice of fresh wholemeal toast

So where can you purchase this? Well, in fact it’s stocked in over 100 Sainsbury’s stores along with its sister blend – Sassy Feta.

Sassy_fetaSassy Feta is a lovely blend of Sweet Roasted Red Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Creamy Feta cheese. It would work incredibly well with pasta and spinach. There is a kick with this cheese which is spiced with green and red chillies. As with all their blends they are spreadable and meltable and this would make a delicious addition to a healthy pizza!

Chilli_cheddarThe next blend we tried was Chilli Cheddar, it has attitude! The chilli kick is slightly delayed but not that much that you will not come back for more..and more. I can imagine this oozing and bubbling on top of a spicy Chilli Pizza.

The Curious Cheese Co have set the bar high, they aspire to entice us with exciting flavours and blends and they can certainly do just that. The_curious_cheese_co_flavours

My next taste sensation was Manchego, Port and Fig, oh my days what an exciting flavour! The combination of Port and Cheese is renowned to be the perfect partners, combined with the sweetness of the Fig it’s a match truly made in heaven! I turned this culinary genius into a healthy breakfast that just hit the spot! Two Ryvitas, sliced ham and 25gms of Manchego, Port and Fig cheese popped under the grill and it was incredible flavour. I love food with flavour and this was full on amazing!Manchego_port_and_fig

With more very unique and genius blends on the horizon my creative side is doing a dance! More stockists and flavours are on the horizon as they discover the Curious Cheese Co brand and I will definitely be on the lookout for this delightful little gem.

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