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Mini Cherry Bakewell Bites

These are a baked oats kind of texture. Not crunchy like a biscuit, not as soft as cake, a sort of in between result. The whole recipe makes 9 mini bites and if you are a grazer these are just the ticket to satisfy that sweet craving too.

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This is a meeting between Lo-Dough and Sukrin – two innovative manufacturers who produce incredibly low products that help slimmers and many more in their quest to become healthier.

To make these Mini Cherry Bakewell Bites you will need

A baking tray

Baking paper

A food processor for making breadcrumbs

Pre heat oven to gas 6 , Electric 200, Fan 180


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into breadcrumbs

1 extra large egg

1 tsp almond essence

2 tbsp Sukrin Gold

2 tbsp Sukrin Melis (icing sugar alternative)

9 glacé cherry halves


In a small bowl add the Lo-Dough crumbs, egg, almond essence and Sukrin Gold and mix with a spoon until evenly blended.

Place the sheet of baking paper on the baking tray and spoon 9 rounds of the mixture onto the sheet leaving a little space in between each one. Press into a biscuit shape.

Place in the top of the oven for apx 15 mins until golden brown. Remove and cool. Meanwhile, mix the Sukrin Melis with a tsp of water at a time – be very careful or it will go too watery, I want you to add a drop at a time until you achieve a thick paste texture that doesn’t run. When the bites are cool place a small about of the icing mix in the centre of each bite and top with a cherry half.

Nutritional information

An incredible 19 calories each

Fat 0.7 gms

Carbs 2 gms

Protein 1.1 gms

Syn values

Lo-Dough 2 syns

Cherries 2 syns

Sukrin Gold 1 syn

Sukrin Melis 1 syn

6 syns for the whole batch – less than 1 syn each !

Important: I am an online member of Slimming World and check my own syn values. To protect your own weight loss journey please check your own syns

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