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‘Rag Style’ Beef Puddings

Coming from Lancashire I was brought up on Rag Puddings. My mum used to make these gorgeous Puddings, wrapped and steamed in rags – usually from torn up white cotton sheets! It was a Lancashire tradition and there are still some businesses in Lancashire who make delicious Puddings from traditional recipes. There are also variations in ingredients, some use pieces of beef and sometimes add a little liver. In Oldham a lot use minced beef. Oldham – a former cotton mill town is where the recipe originated from. The rags were made from muslin cotton and the Puddings were cooked in a muslin covered basin in a pan with boiling water, which would feed the family. Individual Puddings were also made just wrapped in muslin and steamed.

I have been wondering for a while if I could make a lower calorie pudding using Lo-Dough but wasn’t so sure about traditional steaming methods as the Lo-Dough would behave in a different way to the normal suet pastry ingredient. So I decided to make a few changes.

**This blog post contains affiliate links Sometimes the pudding contents are pre cooked, sometimes raw. I decided to use the latter method so any juices from the meat etc would be then absorbed by the Lo-Dough casing. I have included a little flour in my recipe too so this too will absorb any meat juices and stop it from escaping. You can omit this if you prefer. Gravy and vegetables of your choice are normally served with rag pudding so think about adding a tasty gravy to your meal. Adding your favourite gravy will result in a softer shell and there’s no harm in immersing your pudding in the gravy for a couple of minutes before serving for a more authentic pudding texture.

To make 2 ‘Rag Style’ Beef Puddings you will need

Two squares of tin foil just larger than the Lo-Dough.

Two squares of baking paper just smaller than the Lo-Dough

Deep edge baking tray


Ingredients to make 2 Puddings

2 pieces of Lo-Dough – can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

250gms less than 5% fat minced beef

1 small onion very finely diced

1 tbsp Worcester sauce

2 tbsp flour – any white flour will do but this is optional

3 Beef oxos

Fresh ground pepper

**Adding your favourite beef flavoured gravy is an extra enhancement to the recipe**


Pre heat oven to Gas 5, electric 190, fan 170

In a small bowl crumble the oxo, flour and Worcester sauce, mix together until it forms a crumb

Add the minced beef, onion and the oxo crumb mix to a bowl and mix well.

When the onions are incorporated into the mix too the contents of the bowl onto a chopping board and get your clean hands in there, thoroughly kneading the mix until the oxo crumb is completely even throughout the mix. If you see patches of brown confine kneading until they disappear. Split the mix into two and shape into two oblongs

Place the tin foil on a flat surface and lay the baking paper over it

Add the Lo-Dough

Add one of the meat portions

Gently fold into a parcel

Careful wrap in the baking paper and foil so it is sealed at the top – do not turn the pudding over, keep the seams at the top.


Add the two Puddings seam sides up into your baking tray and and half an inch of water to the tray.

Place in the oven for apx 1 hour 15 mins. Top up the tray with boiling water apx every 20 mins until cooked. Unwrap carefully and slide onto a plate. Cover with a gravy and vegetables of your choice and enjoy!

Top tip: immerse your pudding in gravy for a couple of minutes before serving for a softer result.

Nutritional information each pudding

265 calories

Fat 2.8 gms

Carbs 19.6 gms

Protein 34.8 gms

4 syns per pudding on Slimming World

Important: Please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss. I am an online member and use the app to check my syns but they can vary from time to time.

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