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Cherry Bakewell Skinny Mug Cake

Variety is important to me. To be able to make a different breakfast every morning is so exciting to me. I do sometimes repeat meals when I enjoy them, but for me part of the enjoyment I get from food is creating something new. I love the challenge, the will it work or won’t it question lingering, and then the joy of success at creating a taste experience.

I love Cherry Bakewell – of course it contains nuts which are high in calories, so I decided with much reluctance to use an almond essence instead. This is compensated for by using fresh cherries and a lovely oozy cherry jam centre. You can always decorate the top once cooked with half a dozen toasted almond flakes and a fresh cherry which will add minimal calories to the mug cake.

The benefits of using Lo-Dough for your Mug cakes instead of flour are fantastic. Lo-Dough is incredibly low in carbs, low in calories and has filling power. It’s also gluten free. Mug cakes really are so filling, full of healthy ingredients and also gorgeous breakfast.

If you like my recipes keep an eye on my blog! Just look for the follow link and you will be notified when a new post is live, but for the present I am in Mug Cake heaven!

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To make a Cherry Bakewell Skinny Mug Cake you will need

A microwaveable Mug and of course a microwave!

A food processor


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into fine breadcrumbs – can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

1 extra large egg

1 tbsp fat free yoghurt

Tsp sweetener

49gms finely chopped and stoned fresh cherries lightly mashed with a fork

1 tbsp Cherry Jam


In a bowl combine all the breadcrumbs, egg, and fresh cherries, mix thoroughly. Spoon half the mix into your mug and make a well. Place the jam into the well and cover with the rest of the mixture. Place your mug cake in the microwave for two minutes. Leave to stand for five minutes – your mug cake will continue to cook during this time. Loosen the cake from the cup with a knife and turn onto a plate. Serve with fat free yoghurt and fresh fruit or a drizzle of fruit coulis

Nutritional information


Carbs gms

Fat gms

Protein gms

If you are on Slimming World

Syns 5

2 syns for Lo-Dough

1 syn for cooked cherries

Jam 2 syns ( please check syn value – this depends on brand used)

Important: Please check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss journey. Syns are correct at time of posting. I am a paying member online.

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