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Banana and Honey Skinny Mug Cake

Now I suppose the controversy with this cake is the cooking of the banana. As most people who follow Slimming World know, Slimming World say cooking fruit alters the filling power – it becomes non bulky and non filling, therefore it’s very easy to overeat. We all make our own decisions as to how we make the plan work for us just as we all choose how to spend syns when following the plan. In this recipe half of your banana is cooked and you can have the rest sliced on the side. You are still eating the banana! Also, the cooked banana when used as part of the recipe, combined with egg and Lo-Dough is very filling therefore I personally – and this is my personal opinion only would not syn the banana. I would just syn the other ingredients that are ‘synable’

I suppose this is considered a tweak, a cheat, blasphemy or whatever, but let’s face it, it’s half a banana being used as part of a delicious filling breakfast so I am going to crack on. No guilt included!

I would say to you however, your weightloss is your own journey. I am still on mine. Be your own person, find your own way and make your own decisions to protect your own weight loss journey.

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To make a Banana and Honey Skinny Mug Cake you will need

A microwaveable Mug and of course a microwave!

A food processor


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into fine breadcrumbs – can be purchased Low calorie bread alternative

1 medium egg

1 tbsp semi skimmed milk

50gm finely chopped banana

1 tbsp runny honey (save a slight drizzle from your measuring spoon to drip over the cake afterwards)


In a bowl combine all the breadcrumbs, honey, milk and egg together, mix thoroughly, add the banana and stir but do not mash. Spoon the mix into your mug. Place uncovered in the microwave for two minutes. Leave to stand for five minutes – your mug cake will continue to cook during this time. Loosen the cake from the cup with a knife and turn onto a plate. Serve with fat free yoghurt and the rest of your banana sliced

Nutritional information

Calories 262

Fat 4.7 gms

Carbs 43.3 gms

Protein 9.9 gms

Additional information

Lo-Dough – 2 syns

Honey -2.5 syns

1 tbsp semi skimmed milk ( use your hexa allowance)

Cooked banana 2 syns for 50gms

Syn values are correct at time of posting

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