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Spiced Carrot Skinny Mug Cake

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this! This is a completely new ball game for the Skinny Mug Cake. It’s healthy, packed full of nutrition and low in calories. This recipe uses 1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into breadcrumbs and that’s what gives it the wonderful cake texture which we love. The benefit of using Lo-Dough for this amazing mug cake is that it’s incredibly low in carbs and calories. It’s also gluten free so it’s a great way to beat the bloat!

Spiced Carrot Skinny Mug Cake is a perfect breakfast or dessert and is so filling. Like most of my recipes they come to me when I have just woken up thinking what meals to have for the day. I was so excited to try this I never got up to planning lunch and dinner! It’s also one of those recipes which when I tried it. I couldn’t think of a way to improve it!

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To make a Lo-Dough Spiced Carrot Skinny Mug Cake you will need

A bowl

A microwaveable Mug


1 piece of Lo-Dough blitzed into fine breadcrumbs – can be purchased Low calorie bread alternative

1 extra large egg ( if you don’t have any extra large eggs I would try adding a tbsp of milk if you are using a large egg or adding 1.5tbsp milk for a medium sized one – please note to date I haven’t tried this so it’s just a guess. I will update the recipe when I try different egg sizes)

1/2 tsp each ground cinnamon and nutmeg

2 tsp mincemeat

1 small to medium sized carrot finely grated

1 tbsp fruit syrup – I used Sweet Freedom


Combine all ingredients together in a bowl

Mix well

Spoon the mixture into the mug, do not press down. Pop into the microwave for 2 mins. When you remove from the microwave it will look slightly undercooked

Do not be worried about this. Leave to stand for five minutes and it will continue cooking. Loosen the cake with a knife around the sides and turn onto a plate

Serve with fresh fruit and yoghurt. I used a low fat toffee yoghurt with a drizzle of Choc shot

Nutritional information

204 calories per cake

Fat 6.4 gms

Carbs 24.9 gms

Protein 10.1 gms

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