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Mini Lo-Dough Cheeseburgers

Mini cheeseburgers made with one piece of Lo-Dough

These are great for your weekend snack or supper dish. They can be made incredibly low calorie or low syn and are absolutely delicious, fun to make and pleasing to the eye!

To make these the next time you are using minced beef for anything save a handful of mince. The chances are if you are using mince you are chopping onion too! Just place the mince in a processor with a small amount of white onion and seasoning of your choice and blitz for a few seconds and you are good to go! This can be wrapped and frozen to be used at another time.

If you don’t have any leftover mince use a good quality defrosted shop bought burger and reshape as described below.

Lo-Dough mini cheeseburgers are incredibly easy to make and so impressive.

You will need

1 piece of Lo-Dough – Low calorie bread alternative

Apx 50 gms leftover low fat mince processed with onion and seasoning as above

1/4 small red onion finely chopped

1 low fat cheese slice cut into quarters

1 mini gherkin


American mustard

Spray oil – I use Frylight

You will also need a small pastry cutter – preferably small enough to make 6 rounds


Cut your Lo-Dough into mini ‘burger bun halves’ using a small pastry cutter. I got 6 rounds from mine. Pan fry both sides of the ‘burger buns’ and set aside. Shape the burger mince using your hands into patties the same size rounds as your Lo-Dough. You will need two patties per complete burger making 6 patties in total.

Pan fry the patties using frylight in a non stick frying pan until cooked. The time will vary depending on the size of your patties. Once cooked the building can commence!

Layer the ‘buns with with the patties, red onion, a cheese quarter, a tiny drip of ketchup and a drip of American mustard. Add a couple of mini slivers of gherkins and it’s a mini Mc burger fest! I was delighted with the result! I made three whole mini burgers from one piece of Lo-Dough

Approximate Nutritional information

Total Calories 216

Fat 4.6 gms

Carbs 17.6

Protein 22.1

2 syns plus 1/2 hexa on Slimming World – It is important to check your own syn values to protect your own weight loss

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