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Lamb and Mint Pudding with Hidden Mash

I could never in a month of Sunday’s predict how popular the Steak and Kidney Pudding with Hidden Root Vegetables I published in December using Lo-Dough would turn out to be. I absolutely adored the dish and on a winters day especially how remarkably comforting it tasted. Well the weather has been so cold again recently and it made me think about how I could create another tasty low calorie savoury pudding. Lamb is my favourite meat – especially served with mint so it was a bit of a no brainer to make my next pudding using those ingredients. Without rambling on forever here is what you need to create this delicious comforting meal. Each pudding will serve one person generously – most Slimming Worlders if like me have great appetites and if you can have a whole pudding to yourself why not! It doesn’t carry the same guilt a suet pudding carries and is only 4 syns per pudding. Use code Debs10 to get 10% off at Lo-Dough

Important information

Please check your own syn values to protect your own weightloss using the Slimming World app or website if you are a member.

You will need

2 x 6 inch oven proof enamel pudding bowls – I purchased mine from Boyes but can also be found on Amazon **Please read the method with regards to pre cooking the potatoes, carrots and swede**

Makes 2 pudding – serves 2

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2 pieces of Lo-Dough – can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

2 lean leg lamb steaks with fat removed and cubed – apx 220gms

1 medium leek finely sliced

1 large garlic clove finely chopped

3 mushrooms finely chopped

2 oxos – lamb or beef

2 tbsp mint sauce ( I used Colmans Classic Mint Sauce which is 1 syn per tbsp)

1 tsp cornflour – 1 syn

300ml boiling water

150gms each of carrots and swede chopped, boiled and mashed roughly

300gms potatoes boiled and mashed with 50ml skimmed milk – 1 syn

Potato mashed with seasoning. 1 egg and milk ( break the raw egg into the mash and mash again thoroughly)

Fresh ground salt and pepper



In a pan sprayed with frylight sauté the leeks and garlic for 5 mins until starting to soften. Add the mushrooms and lamb and sauté until the lamb has browned. Add the oxo by crumbling into the pan and mint sauce. Add the boiling water. Mix the cornflour with 2 tbsp cold water and stir until smooth. Add to the pan stirring constantly until the pan comes to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until the lamb is tender. Apx 30mins. Meanwhile preheat the oven to Gas 5 Electric 190 fan 170

Using Frylight or alternative spray oil spray one side of each piece of Lo-Dough Press this side down into the pudding bowls being careful not to tear the Lo-Dough

Divide the lamb between both bowls saving some of the gravy to pour over the cooked pudding

Spread a layer of carrot and swede mash over the lamb

Cover this with the mashed potato. Spray the top of each pudding with frylight and wrap tightly in tin foil

Pop into the oven on a baking tray for 35-40mins to allow the flavours to merge with the Lo-Dough Remove from the oven, remove tin foil and loosen all around the pudding with a knife before turning out making sure it hasn’t stuck.

Place a plate over the top of the pudding bowl and flip over together with the pudding on top. Very carefully remove the pudding bowl. If you have loosened the pudding before flipping over then it shouldn’t stick.

Reheat the leftover gravy adding more water if needed and spoon over the pudding before serving.

Nutritional information

558 cals per pudding

4 syns each

Fat 19.7gms

Carbs 54gms

Protein 36.6

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