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Make Valentines Day Extra Special

There's nothing more special than gifting a dozen red roses to that precious person in your life whether it be a partner or someone you admire from afar or just someone whose spirits would soar at the sight of a beautiful gift on Valentine's Day known that they mean something to someone There's something so… Continue reading Make Valentines Day Extra Special

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Cajun Chicken Pizza Swirls

After Lo-Dough posted an amazing picture of some pizza swirls that looked delicious I had to give these a go. The two key ingredients that keep this recipe super healthy are Lo-Dough and Protein Cheese from Eat Lean For Slimming Worlders this recipe is just two syns plus your hexa. **Important note: Please check your… Continue reading Cajun Chicken Pizza Swirls

Recipes · Slimmingworld

Lamb and Mint Pudding with Hidden Mash

I could never in a month of Sunday's predict how popular the Steak and Kidney Pudding with Hidden Root Vegetables I published in December using Lo-Dough would turn out to be. I absolutely adored the dish and on a winters day especially how remarkably comforting it tasted. Well the weather has been so cold again… Continue reading Lamb and Mint Pudding with Hidden Mash