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Abi – A Real Warrior!

Abi is one incredible lady! I have witnessed her determination and dedication and she is truly an inspiration overcoming huge health issues to become slimmer, happier, and healthier. Well done Abi!!

My name is Abibat Raji-Lawal and my story goes like this In 2013 a day after I gave birth to my second child I started dialysis Yes, I was diagnosed with kidney problems which was the worse day ever.I was told due to having preeclampsia on both pregnancies it affected my kidneys.’What we do for our kids huh’ so I had kidney problems and I was also morbidly obese what a combination right.Honestly worse combination ever I won’t lie I was not coping well with this illness and I was always in the hospital extremely ill my weight was increasing and I was deteriorating.I was physically and mentally unhappy I just wanted to die,stopped caring about life and was so fed up. But when I saw my kids my spirit would life up again. One day I was feeling really ill and decided to go to hospital early thank God  as I was in the hospital I had a cardiac arrest and went into a coma(Thank God I listen to my instinct and went to the dialysis unit early because of I was at home when it happened I wouldn’t of made it) Few days passed and I woke from the coma and was told by the intensive care unit how lucky I am. I remember sitting in the room and the consultant coming in to meet me and telling me that I’m extremely lucky and I should use this second chance wisely. He advised me to lose weight and there and then I knew changes had to be made and I did. So I have done so many diets all unsuccessful that’s why I decided not to go on a diet and just change my lifestyle. I felt like the word diet came with too much stress and baggage and I did not want that. I also had to lose weight to be put on the kidney transplant list. My starting weight was 135kg  and I needed to lose weight but with my hard work my first action was cut down in what I eat as I was eating for England and that’s no joke. So I got a plate and was extra disciplined and what ever I dished in the plate was all I would eat I realised after 3 months my stomach was shrinking especially inside and whenever I tried to eat more then that plate I felt physically ill. Remember discipline is the key. I then started working out at the gym 4 times a week and after a few months the weight was dropping and I was happy. My journey started three years ago and I can proudly say I am 86kg now,trust me if you do this just as I said it works I can not believe I would ever by size 14  clothes not in a million years. I feel sexy,beautiful  and so confidence I love buying clothes which I hated before. I’m no more breathless from walking from the front door to the car from food shopping or even taking the kids out which we hardly did. My biggest achievement was walking up and down the hill in Greenwich park when taking my kids to the Museum it may mean nothing to others but it meant the world to me. I enjoy being able to take walks and even do activities with the kids which is the best ever and I did all this with kidney failure and going for my dialysis three times a week so anyone can do it. The key is determination,consistency and hard work do that and bobs your uncle. Hope my story will be able to help everyone that reads this and my instagram page is abisweightjourney you can always go on my page to share my story and add me here or email me at for any advice

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