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Laura’s Story

Laura is an absolute inspiration. Overcoming severe medical conditions to completely transform herself. What an incredible figure you have Laura – amazing hard work and dedication !!

You can follow Laura on her Instagram page here

Here is Laura’s story

“I changed my life by losing weight. I suffer from endometriosis which is a long term medical condition in which the cells which line your womb are found outside of the womb, in places such at the Fallopian tubes, abdominal cavity, bladder and bowels. It causes fatigue, extreme pain, scar tissue and can lead to infertility, unfortunately no cure has yet been found. I had gained weight gradually due to being inactive and being on a cocktail of medication to manage my pain.

In May 2016 I had an operation to excise lots of the endometriosis and started on a clinical trial to manage the regrowth of endometriosis. The operation completely gave me a new lease of life and by September I was ready to change. I was 20 and I was about to start my nursing degree at university, one day something just clicked, I always asked myself how could I be a nurse, helping people get better when I clearly wasn’t looking after myself. I didn’t want to be an overweight nurse.

I joined my local slimming world group and my starting weight was 14stone 2lbs and I had a BMI of 29.2 and was just 6lbs away from being classed as obese. I lost 3 stone in 27 weeks by following the slimming world extra easy plan and just walking as my exercise. I then decided I didn’t want to be ruled by counting or weighing my food so made the decision to carry on my weight loss journey on my own.

I then went on to lose another stone in around 3 months. I then maintained my new healthy weight of 10st 2lbs for 3 months and found a new love for the gym.It’s been 15months since I started on my weight loss journey and currently enjoy living a healthy balanced lifestyle. To maintain my weight I currently do not track or count calories/ food intake I just focus on fuelling my body with healthy balanced meals and enjoy a takeaway at the weekends. I love my fitness and go to the gym around 3-4 times a week, it’s my time to relax and just have some head space.

I am currently 9stone 9lbs with a BMI of 19.3. The next chapter in my journey is just to carry on living a healthy balanced lifestyle and inspire others to make that first step! I use my dedicated Instagram page to post about health, fitness, nutrition and my journey. You can follow me here –healthylife_laura_

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