Summerfruit Pudding with Chambord Jelly

What better way for my last Lo-Dough recipe of the year with a celebratory dessert. Beautiful berries, Lo-Dough and a black raspberry liqueur Jelly. It’s so simple to make and so delicious to enjoy! Serves 4


2 pieces of Lo-Dough

400gms defrosted frozen mixed berries

2 tbsp sweetener plus 1 tbsp

1 gelatine sachet

A few fresh berries ( for the Jelly)

3 tbsp Chambord


Line a 15cm pudding bowl with one piece of Lo-Dough

Mix the berries with 2 tbsp sweetener. spoon into the bowl leaving apx 3tbsp of the juices that have been released to spoon over the top later

Using a pair of kitchen scissors cut the remaining piece of Lo-Dough to the same size as the widest part of the bowl. This will form a lid.

Press the lid firmly onto the top and weight down with a dish to hold the lid in placeCover with tightly with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight allowing time for the juices to soak into the Lo-Dough. About an hour before serving spoon over the leftover juices to coat the top of the pudding. Using a knife, loosen the pudding around the edge and then flip over into a plate.

In the meantime in a bowl mix the gelatine with almost boiling water according to the sachet minus 3 tbsp of water – replace this with the Chambord and add 1 tbsp of sweetener

Mix until all the gelatine is dissolved. Line 4 small ramekin dishes with cling film. Place a few berries in each dish and then cover with the gelatine and Chambord liquid. Allow to cool then refrigerate until set .

When ready to serve carefully remove jelly by lifting cling film and place on serving dish. Tear film away.

Serving suggestion: Greek yoghurt, quark or fromage frais

Nutritional information

Calories per portion apx 100

Carbs 16 gms

Fat 0 gms

Protein 2 gms

Apx 2.5 syns portion – please check syns values yourself to protect your own weight loss

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