Kibble Bakery – A Doggy Dream?

By Charlie Chew, Apprentice Blog Dog

So when my mum told me we were going to visit the new Kibble Bakery in Skipton, a cafe for me and my friends to take our humans, it went right over my head.

To be honest I was oblivious, so imagine my surprise and excitement when we stopped at lovely scented doorway which despite the rain still made my nose twitch.

I hadn’t been in this shop before which used to be a candle shop just in case I knocked the candles over as I can’t keep my tail still and my mum and dad say it acts like a cricket bat.

Oh my days! The aromas coming from inside were exciting!

When we first opened the door I got so excited, plenty of chair legs and tables – I love a good sniff whilst my humans decide where to sit.

We decided on sitting in a corner in the window. The floor was nice and clean until I sat down. It’s a good job there are plenty of towels to hand for our humans to dry us off!

We were greeted by a lovely human who I think smelt of cupcakes and doughnuts although my mum disagreed with me. She was very welcoming and gave my mum and dad a menu each. There are two sides to the menus – Humans and Hounds. My mum showed me the Hounds side as I wasn’t going to choose for her! On saying that I couldn’t make my mind up and was really wanting a tasting plate with everything on. I am a labrador after all!

We only waited a few minutes and the lovely smelling lady came with drinks for the three of us. Yes, coffees for mum and dad and a herbal tea for me

which was an infusion of Nettle and dandelion and burdock and chosen to keep my already gleaming coat in tip top condition. The next thing arrived looked amazing! My own Blueberry and Goji Berry pupcake! I can’t believe it! I only normally get a few crumbs so imagine my excitement at getting a whole one! It was served with a knife but us labradors can get a whole one in!

Some what did I think of The Kibble Bakery in Skipton? I loved it! It’s spacious, welcoming and friendly. A well thought out and welcome business in Skipton where mums and dads can even buy coats and accessories, bowls, biscuits and pupcakes

There’s plenty of comfortable places for humans to sit with hooks to fix our leads to keep us from raiding the kitchen

I appreciated the artwork

Will I be back? You can bet your four paws I will!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience as a Blog Dog – Thankyou to the Kibble Bakery for having me!

Love Charlie x

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