Off Piste in Skipton

Well never in a month of Sunday’s did I imagine I would be sitting in Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen in an Alpine Pop up restaurant in the centre of Skipton, but that’s exactly what I have just experienced! Not only have Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen recreated a wonderful alpine lodge environment they have also brought a gastronomic delight to the table too!

Walking through Alexander’s and feeling its bustling vibe where diners were enjoying a festive menu, really highlighted to me how far they have come since their opening days. The staff ooze knowledge, confidence and warmth and are quite obviously now working well as a team. On entering the secret garden, down the steps past the pine trees we were shown to an outdoor bar near one of the fire pits with a covered seating area next to the ‘Alpine Lodge’ I must point out that this area is serviced by a very effective patio heater where they serve hot mulled wine and spiced cider. I found the mulled wine a little too sweet but the spiced cider complete with a cinnamon stick and slices of fresh orange was very drinkable! Yes, I tried them both! We spent around twenty minutes outside in this area and didn’t feel the cold at all.

On entering the ‘Alpine Lodge’ I was blown away by the wonderfully designed warm seating area covered with faux fur rugs and cushions with low tables making this a perfect area to relax and enjoy the ‘Off Piste’ experience.

We began our winter warming feast with hot roasted chestnuts and a lovely tiny cup of thick Butternut squash soup flavoured with Parmesan which was undoubtedly the best Butternut Squash soup I have ever tasted.

Colourful platters of food were then served to us resting on the table on small wooden sleighs. We indulged ourselves on Beer cooked Frankfurters, sauerkraut and pork ribs, a fish smorgasbord with crayfish, gravelax, pulled pork, flatbreads, pumpernickel, and the most delicious cheese fondue served with a selection of breads, salamis and vegetables.

This was an amazing feast which we thoroughly enjoyed and when it was followed by the most delicious 74% silky dark pure chocolate dip with marshmallows, Turkish delight and mixed fruits with ‘Pokey Hazelnut Sticks’ it was the perfect end to our Alpine dining experienceWe completed this with a warming shot of Jaegermeister and were completely satisfied, comforted and warmed.

After meeting Suzannah, one of the owners I can truly say she is such a warm welcoming and chatty lady. Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen has come a long way and faced many challenges since its opening just a few months ago. The unique concept which faced some criticism hit the ground running, they have learnt from the initial expected teething problems and transformed into a venue that serves many purposes in Skipton, from the person who wants to enjoy a hearty breakfast to business lunches, events, meetings, family days out, celebrations and live entertainment to the person who wants to enjoy a couple of drinks on their way home. Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen are expert at delivering experiences that will be enjoyed and reminisced about for many a time to come

The ‘Off Piste’ experience is on until the 28th December (closed Xmas day). £45 per person.

Daytime packages are also available at £18.95 per person , also children are covered with a special dipping chocolate and treats package for £7

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