Ham, Egg and Spring Onion Lo-Dough Panini

So this was one of the ideas I have whilst contemplating what’s for breakfast whilst still in bed! Hmmm, what can I use up? I often have those moments where ingredients run about in my head and meet somewhere in the middle! I am all for simplicity when it comes to recipes – hardly any long winded ‘losing the will to live’ recipes ever cross my mind unless it’s someone else’s recipe of course! This morning I wanted something hot, filling and substantial but low cal, syns – tall order? Nooooo! Not when Lo-Dough is involved!

So here goes a simple breakfast recipe that you can prepare in advance and just cook later!

It’s simple!

Serves 2


2 pieces of Lo-Dough – can be purchased here Low calorie bread alternative

1 small tin of Ham (see picture below for which tin I used which is syn free on Slimming World)

2 medium eggs

2 spring onions sliced finely


2 large tomatoes halved and seasoned, sprayed with frylight (optional)

You will need

sandwich toaster or griddle pan

Food processor


Chop ham into chunks and place in processor

Add eggs, no need to beat

Blitz until smooth

Add spring onions and stir

Lay Lo-Dough on flat surface and spread ham in the middle

Fold the edges together to form a parcel. The filling will hold it in place down the long edge.spray pan with frylight and place on medium heat. Carefully holding the parcels edges together place in pan with the joins facing downwards

Cook for apx 8 mins in one side then flip over. Add the tomatoes cut side down to the pan and cook for further 8 mins. If the panini feels cold in the middle or the room is cold you can cover with a lid or a plate as below which will help the middle to cook.

Alternatively you can use a sandwich toaster.

Slice diagonally once cooked and serve with griddled seasoned tomatoes

Nutritional info

Calories 228

Protein 10gms

Carbs 9gms

Fat 5gms

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