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Turn Back the Hands of Thyme

If you could turn back the hands of ‘Thyme’ to where you could sit back and enjoy Christmas Day at home without all the prep, peeling, chopping, boiling, steaming, simmering, mashing, and general fraught tired feeling all the effort can sometimes bring, then why not? Thyme have it all in hand. They have done it all for you! Just set the scene, crack a bottle open and enjoy their delicious food!

Delivered frozen, prepared and ready to go in the oven with a complete step by step guide you cant go wrong! Get a glass of sherry out, a Baileys or a glass of fizz and sit back, let Thyme do the work!

Thyme have a perfect selection of complete Christmas, Boxing Day or New Years Day dinners for up to 8 people including Rib of Beef which with my exclusive discount code works out at £10 per head max! The first 150 people to order even get a free Luxury Christmas Pudding for 8 people! If you happen to be a larger family, or fancy another delicious ready made meal on another day during the Christmas holidays then why not order two boxes and you will get a further £10 off the second box!

So what do you get? How does it arrive? Is it any good? That’s why Ken and I wanted to find out!

Your order is delivered perfectly frozen to your door ready to pop in the freezer until the day of your feast is looming.

We opted for the Rib of Beef which requires defrosting for 48 hours. Yes! 48 hours – it’s huge!

So this is what and how it arrived

It’s the quality and freshness of the products that is impressive. No corners cut, just good wholesome festive food to feast on!

Pictures speak a thousand words and it’s only by seeing what arrives do you realise the quality. Enough to feed 8 people with generous portions all you need is a bit of freezer space until the day! The only thing missing for me was a few sprouts, some brandy cream for the Christmas Pud! Oh, and a glass of bubbly!

Our sampling day is well timed. We all know we fill our faces full of delicious food once Santa has been and we are lucky enough to have already had Santa visit – well, 2000 of them as it was Skipton’s Annual Santa Run yesterday!

If you are wondering who the man in Black is, it’s not the Milk Tray man, it’s Ken trying to get back to the boat!

So with the huge Rib of Beef defrosted and ready to cook, no prepping required I have time free to write this blog post!

Fast forward a day and I am sat here with the gorgeous smell of the huge piece of beef rib roasting nicely in the oven. All I have done is seared the meat, put some sprouts and the gravy in pans, and got the rest of it out of the freezer to go in the oven when the beef is nearly cooked. I am liking this kind of cooking!Another hour and I can put the roasties in the oven so I am sat with my feet up again!

Well time moves on whilst relaxing and I have got to say this meal required very little effort on our part! We are delighted with the result too!The beef is so moist and tender, easy to carve and there is so much of it! The roasties are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, the parsnips are lovely without an overpowering flavour. I loved the red cabbage, it was surprisingly my favourite vegetable – love it! Oh and my goodness the stuffing is so good, I could just sit and eat it on it’s own! I wasn’t as keen on the sausages, I found the smoked flavour a little strong for me but could appreciate them – they are huge! The gravy is delicious. I am a bit of a stick in the mud with gravy and I know what I like and I was cautious about the fact it contained red wine – I don’t tend to like it in sauces but this gravy is well balanced and damn tasty!

The only thing on my plate that wasn’t included was the sprouts but I prefer fresh anyway. Ken and I are going to order this meal to take to family on Christmas Day – we will have more time to enjoy ourselves and socialise and that’s a good thing!

Well done Thyme!

To order your festive feast visit Thyme and use code DEBS17 to get £10 off and if you are quick you will get a free Christmas Pudding!

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