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Let’s Party! Lo-Dough Style!

It just had to be done! I have been thinking of a few canapés with a centre piece for a while and although this is only a few ideas, it’s meant to inspire you to go on and make your own party Lo-Dough style! Cut down on carbs, calories, fat etc and create your own feast full of good food yet a lot healthier!

I started by saving a few things that I had used over the last couple of weeks. I made homemade beef burgers and saved a little of the mince with chopped onion and froze it. I used avocado that had been frozen, pheasant breast from a friend who had been on a shoot a few weeks ago and so the party started!

It started with simple ‘blini’ type canapé. Lo-Dough cut into small rounds, pan fried on one side and then topped with mashed avocado, cherry tomato, lemon juice and freshly ground salt and pepper. Tasty, simple – add smoked salmon for a more indulgent blini!

Next came the pheasant

Again, I cut the Lo-Dough into rounds, pan fried on both sides this time and topped with Caramelised onion chutney and pan fried pheasant breast. Delicious and quick to make.

Now I LOVE my next canapé – mini cheeseburgers!

These are incredibly easy to make and so impressive. Cut your Lo-Dough into mini rounds. Pan fry both sides and set aside. Finely chop a red onion and set aside. Shape the burger mince into the same size rounds as your Lo-Dough. You will need two per complete burger. If you don’t have any leftover mince use a good quality meat defrosted shop bought burger and reshape!

I pan fried the mini burgers then built the finished burgers with the onion, a cheese slice cut into four ( I only used 3 pieces) , a tiny drip of ketchup and a drip of American mustard. I am delighted with the result! I made three whole mini burgers from one piece of Lo-Dough

I then made ginger star biscuits . The basic recipe can be found here I just used a star cutter instead!

Then came the Ginger and dark chocolate rounds – the only difference being one square of good dark chocolate grated on them whilst still hot so it melted.

The culmination of my mornings work is a lovely Nut Roast en Croute – certainly a lot more healthier than conventional en croute recipes!

The Nut Roast is Recipe here

I am nevertheless proud to say I pulled it off and we partied Lo-Dough style !

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