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Keema and Peas And Lamb on the Bone Curries

KeemaThere are many versions around of Keema and Peas curry which is a very popular dish, I have made quite a few of them but this recipe which I picked up from my days of working with a lovely Indian lady who recognised my passion for cooking and gave me some handy hints which I treasure to this day. I was holding a party for Ken’s 60th and I wanted two easy curry recipes.

Now the screenshot below is of a recipe card I made which simplified and speeded up the making of two dishes – Keema and Peas Curry and Lamb on the Bone Curry. I hope the recipes make sense, I have made them many times so they are clear to me but perhaps not to you? Any questions please ask! There are some important notes below. Keema_bhuna

Obviously these quantities were to feed quite a few people and I condensed the recipe so it would fit on a card I could keep forever. I laminated it and it sits in my Spice drawer . The recipe at the end states to add a little butter. Although this enhances the flavour it doesn’t spoil it if you don’t add it. My friend didn’t use much ghee in cooking as she preferred not to do so. I more often than not substitute the lamb mince for less than 5% fat beef mince and the recipe is honestly still lovely! Give it a try!

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