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Rustic Pheasant Broth

There’s nothing better on a cold winters day that a hot tasty bowl of broth made with stock, pulses and lovely roasted vegetables. Healthy, filling and nutritious.

A friend of ours had been on a shoot this weekend and returned with a brace of pheasants, fortunately de feathered, cleaned and packed neatly.

I have future plans for the pheasant breast with the Christmas season fast approaching and with only a limited amount of meat on the rest of the carcass I decided to turn this into a delicious broth. I also didn’t intend turning this into a recipe but it’s that tasty I just had to. Unfortunately I have limited images to share!

The recipe is a 3 part process

1. Roasting the carcass and vegetables

2. Boiling the roasted carcass

3 Combining the vegetables and stripped carcass into a delicious broth

A good broth cannot be made in a hurry. It’s a loving process and will take apx 3 hours or even longer!

Pre heat oven to gas 5, electric 200, fan 180


1 or 2 Pheasant carcasses with all the skin, fat and breasts removed

3 medium carrots

1/4 small swede diced

200gms chopped butternut squash

1 large red onion chopped

1 large stick celery chopped

1 large potato skin on, chopped roughly

50gms sweetcorn kernels

1 spring of thyme or 2 tsp dried thyme

2 stock cubes – I used chicken stock pots

50gms soup and broth mixture (dried mixed pulses)

1 kettle full of boiling water


Step 1

Place the vegetables apart from the sweetcorn and carcass or carcasses into a large roasting dish, sprinkle with thyme and season. Cover with tin foil and place in the oven for apx 45 mins until the remaining meat on the carcass is cooked through and the vegetables are softening.

Remove carcass or carcasses and place in a large pan with lid. Add the broth mix (pulses) and cover the contents with boiling water.

Bring back to to boil and boil for 20 mins with the lid loosely on the pan. Reduce heat , keep covered and simmer for 1-2 hours until the broth mix is cooked.

Remove the carcass or carcasses from the pan and let cool sightly. Strip the meat from the carcass and place back in the pan being extremely careful to remove any bones etc.

Lightly crush the vegetables in the roasting tin and then add to the large pan along with any juices. Add stock cubes and sweetcorn . Bring to the boil, topping liquid up with boiling water if needed. Be careful not to add too much otherwise you will end up with a watery soup and not a thick warming broth. Reduce heat and simmer for apx 20mins.

Check seasoning and add more if required.

Serves apx 6

Apx 209 cals per portion

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