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Lo-Dough wins the battle against the Munchies!

After being awake most of the other night in pain with my shoulder I got a serious attack of the munchies! You know the feeling, you could just about stuff anything in your mouth! But I wasn’t going to let that happen otherwise it would wipe out all the calorie burn I have achieved in the past few days.

The trouble with pain though it puts you into a state where you feel sorry for yourself and you think you deserve something naughty when in fact it’s the last thing you need and it will only put you off track and make you feel worse!

So with my thinking cap on I thought to myself, what can I have that’s filling and low calorie too?

Duhh, sometimes I despair with myself lol

Of course it’s a no brainier! Ever since Lo-Dough arrived it’s been my best friend.

My challenge was to have something savoury, not sweet, tasty, crispy and salty! You know the feeling – it’s like craving salt and pepper ribs from the Chinese !

Anyway, the good girl that I am came up with this incredibly simple snack that takes minutes to make and longer to enjoy!


1 piece of Lo-Dough

Tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp aromat or for a crunchy more savoury snack, 1 chicken oxo!

Butter Frylight


Spray a non stick frying pan with butter frylight . Spray both sides of Lo-Dough with the same butter Frylight

With the pan on a low heat place the Lo-Dough in the pan. Sprinkle with half of the seasoning and spray again. Cook for 1 min then flip over and sprinkle the other side with the remaining seasoning. Spray again. Cook for 1 min, flip over and spray. Cook for apx 2 -3 mins until turning golden, turn over and cook again for a further 2-3 mins.

At this stage if the Lo-Dough isn’t turning golden and crisping up you can increase the heat and cook on both sides until ready.

I served mine with a tablespoon of Blend Bros Smoky BBQ Sauce which is only 5 cals

Cut Lo-Dough into triangles and dip into the lovely sugar free sauce and enjoy a guilt free snack which probably burns more calories whilst you prep, cook and eat than the 44 cals it contains in total!

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