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October Halloween Degustabox

I love this months Halloween Degustabox, some lovely little stocking fillers I can give to my granddaughter at Christmas are included if I don’t snaffle them beforehand!

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which you can cancel at any time. Get your first box for just £5.99 with my

Code 8c0x9 here

There are lots of goodies for all the family to try but the first one is definitely one for me!

Curio which is a brand under Valfrutta have created this lovely microwaveable pouch full of basmati rice and lentils. It definitely looks like one for me to try although it is quite high in syn value at 7 for half a pack. I think it would be great with a Jamaican curry – as you use rice and peas. £2.29

I chuckled when I saw this- maybe I like Black humour! Anyway, Pechteks Misfortune Cookie is a lovely little treat I found last in this months box, but not-one wants to leave a Misfortune cookie in the bottom so I decided to be brave and show you sooner rather than later! Cute little cookie with an individual message inside which I will save for Halloween! £1.50

Next out of the box are two lovely little juice bottles from The Feel Good Drinks Co – two flavours, Orange, Mango and, Strawberry and Mint . Made with a simple

Blend of just water, fruit and natural flavours £1.20 each

One of my favourite noodle brands Kabuto have produced this great flavour which I am keen to try Thai Green Chicken Curry 1.5 syns on Slimming World £1.99

This is one for my granddaughter who loves spaghetti hoops. A lot healthier having no added sugar and made by Heinz £0.75

This is what we all need to do – reduce our salt consumption and this cute little sample pot of Lo Salt will help us to do just that with 66% less sodium. Use in cooking, or for seasoning. £1.75 for full size

My granddaughter is going to love me if I can stop myself from having these ! I love Millions and love Vimto too . They come in a variety of flavours , small bags and jars £2.99

I love Hippeas. Such a moreish snack – high in fibre and a source of protein. Vegan friendly – 4.5 syns per 22gms £2.29

Nuttvia Breadsticks Snack Pack contains 97% less sugar than other hazelnut spreads with no palm oil too – quite high in syns at 11 but if you need that chocolate you need that chocolates this may just satisfy more! £1.70

Michel et Augustine Super Cookies with meaty chocolate hazelnut filling sounds divine, made with real butter and free range eggs and at 8 syns each they may just be worth the spend for us Slimming Worlders! £1.60

Pulsini s a brand I have seen in farm shops but never tried. They are a ‘kids’ bar but I haven’t grown up yet so will be having this myself. Spending 5 syns and enjoying the natural ingredients they are made from. They are gluten free and have 1/3 less sugar than the average kids fruit snack. £0.59

Ooooh Pip! What have you made? A small

Handmade chocolate coin to drop in your hot drinks! Nut, dairy and gluten free I will either enjoy this as it is as I don’t like sweet hot drinks or be grating it on yoghurts and fruit! There’s no nutritional information on the outside so I can’t calculate syn values £1.50

Lee Kum Kee is a brand I recognised instantly. Being a foodie I have often purchased their soy sauce, chilli sauce etc from Chinese supermarkets so I am very happy to find the next three items in this months box

These great little packs for making tomato garlic prawns, and honey and garlic spare ribs look great and I am intrigued by the sweet soy sauce too! I feel a Chinese night approaching!

The tomato garlic sauce is 5.5 syns a pack and the honey and garlic is 8.5 as a rough estimate. There is no nutritional info on the small sachet of soy sauce but as it contains sugar it will have a syn value £0.85

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