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How to make a Lo-Dough Cone and Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers

Serving suggestion

Making a Lo-Dough cone is so easy and effortless. Making the Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers is equally easy and a great way of cutting the carbs, serving buffet food and a great idea for those cold nights around the bonfire filled with chilli. If you are from Lancashire like me, a ladle of black peas and lashings of vinegar and salt! Making the crisps ensures that every last morsel of your Lo-Dough is used and you achieve its full filling power!

To start you will need

One piece of Lo-Dough for each cone

A pair of kitchen scissors

A pastry brush ( if you don’t have one, use your fingers!)

Baking paper

Two baking trays

Oil or Frylight (I use butter Frylight)

2 tbsp Warm water

Fresh Parmesan

Pre heat oven to apx gas 5, 190c – as long as it’s a medium heat oven it will be fine

Cut one quarter of the Lo-Dough away from the remainder using kitchen scissors


Remove the quarter and set aside. Brush both sides of the cut edge with warm water

Roll the cut edges together to form a cone and firmly press the edges together until it holds

Spray generously all over with oil or Frylight

Place in the middle of the oven for apx 10-15 mins and cook until golden brown and hardened.

Remove and set aside

For the Parmesan Crisp Lo-Dough Dippers cut the remaining quarter into 3 pieces and lay on a baking sheet covered with baking paper

Grate Parmesan over the top of the triangles so overlaps on the sheet – I use apx 10gms of Parmesan but you can use as much as you like depending on your diet.

Place in the top of the oven until the cheese has melted and gone crispy on the paper

Let cool then peel very gently from the paper taking care the cheese doesn’t snap off.

Serve with a Lo-Dough cone stacked with your favourite filling and enjoy!

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