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I am especially proud of this Lo-Dough creation – it’s a delicious indulgent dessert but kind on the calories, amazingly filling, and a very good substitute for the calorie, sugar and fat laden Tiramisu – I call it Tiramisu-Lo as a tribute to the best low calorie and carb food created in years!

The following recipe makes 2 generous portions which work out at 5 syns each or 4 smaller desserts for 2.5 syns each. Using Lo-Dough dramatically cuts down on the calories and carbs, it takes on the cake texture layer very well and is far more healthier!


2 pieces of Lo-Dough 4 syns

Apx 300 ml very strong freshly brewed black coffee

4 tbsp sweetener – 2 syns

1/2 500gm tub Muller Light Skinny Latte

2 tsp roasted chopped nuts 2 syns

2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder 2 syns

Light squirty cream optional


In a deep bowl tear the Lo-Dough into small pieces. Add the sweetener to the coffee. Pour over the freshly brewed coffee and allow to soak. Leave for apx 15 mins and then mash the mixture with a fork until smooth, making sure it is completely soaked in coffee. Pour any excess away. Leave to cool.

When cool divide the mixture between 2 or 4 sundae dishes and spread evenly.

Divide the yogurt between the dishes and layer on top of the coffee mixture.

Using a sieve, shake the cocoa powder on top. Sprinkle with chopped nuts.

I added a raspberry on top and later some light squirty cream.

I may use a bit of Tia Maria next time in with the coffee! We both thoroughly enjoyed this lovely dessert and it didn’t feel like a low cal dessert. If someone had given me this and didn’t tell me what it consisted of I would have felt like I had gone off plan and felt the guilt!

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