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Boom the Kitchen Smells Lovely!

If you have never had the pleasure of trying a Boom Kitchen Spice blend then you are truly missing out. The award winning spice kits with step by step easy to follow instructions from their special integral stand up instruction card provides you with complete simple direction Spiced with a little humour along the way! For the slimmers who are reading this the recipes are slimming friendly and any additional ingredients can be substituted for lower calorie options and reducing the oil that the spices are fried in at the beginning or exchanging it for spray oil.

They have a great range to choose from – mild to hot and they really are a treat, it’s like bringing the curry house to your kitchen


Tonight I am bringing Chicken Bhuna to the table and the colours are delightful, the taste is lovely and the aroma gorgeous, but that’s what Boom Kitchen brings – I just need the music….

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