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Lo-Dough Apple and Cinnamon Pie

My honest opinion is that this is one of my favourite Lo-Dough recipes!!

The trick to make a lovely sweet Lo-Dough Apple and Cinnamon pie is to first soak the Lo-Dough in sweetened water with cinnamon. This takes on a lovely Spiced sweet flavour to start making your delicious apple pie!


2 pieces Lo-Dough

2 tsp cinnamon

5 tbsp of sweetener (you will discard some of this)

1 tbsp Sukrin Gold

4 Cox Apples

Milk for basting

Butter frylight

Preheat oven to Gas 5, Electric 190, Fan 170


In a wide bottomed frying pan place the Lo-Dough in the bottom .

In a jug, mix the sweetener and cinnamon together with enough water to just cover the Lo-Dough and pour over the Lo-Dough. Flip the Lo-Dough over carefully to make sure it is completely covered in the sweetener and cinnamon. Leave for 5 mins.

Spray a shallow pie plate – I used an enamel one with butter frylight.

Place one piece of the Lo-dough onto the place. Be careful it doesn’t tear as at this stage it will be delicate.

Remove the other piece of Lo-dough onto a plate and keep the water. Peel and slice the apple and drop into the sweetened water. Bring to the boil. Keep boiling so the water reduces. When the apple is cooked – apx 5 mins pour away any excess water.

Spoon the apple onto the Lo-Dough on the pie plate. Spread evenly. Place the other piece of Lo-Dough on top.

Press down very carefully. It is even more delicate now. Press down on the edges ever so gently with a fork to crimp.

Brush top with milk using a pastry brush.

Sprinkle half of the sukrin gold evenly on top and place in the oven.

When the pie starts to brown slightly remove from oven, cut a ‘v’ in the middle of the pie just enough to break through the top and lift the’v’ slightly. Spray with butter frylight and sprinkle over the remaining Sukrin Gold

Return to the oven and bake until the pie lifts slightly from the plate and is golden brown. This will indicate the bottom has started to dry and cook.

Let cool slightly before serving if you can wait!

The Syn value will be dependant on the weight of apples used, the amount of sweetened water discarded etc. Lo-Dough is 2 per piece, you can either Syn the apple at 6 syns per 250gm or use your hexb for the apple. You are allowed 250gms as your hexb. You work it out ! Please check all syn values to protect your weightloss

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