It’s Thyme to try the best protein smoothies!

Good morning! So whilst we are on the move on our boat I have been given the opportunity to try some protein smoothies from Thyme

Sometimes it’s hard fitting smoothies into the Slimming World plan as they come out quite high in syns in comparison to other options available

The reasons I decided to try this are two fold

1) I don’t like protein drinks normally so I would like to find one I truly like

2) I am not a smoothie lover either but their range sound amazing packed full of fresh frozen fruit, vegetables, protein and vitamins. They contain a Nutri Pellet with whey protein, chlorella (possibly one of the most powerful superfoods that can boost energy, support fat loss and detox, and spirulina which can help with candida, lower blood pressure, boost energy, reduce cholesterol and speed up weight loss.

There are two flavours in their protein smoothie range

Protein Punch that contains strawberry, hulled hemp seeds, blueberries and pomegranate. It is TRULY DELICIOUS! the packs arrive ready prepared and frozen. All you need to do is to mix 250mls of liquid with them. I decided to try something different and bought some M&S sparkling water – Blood Orange which is 3 cals per 100ml. I was a bit worried it might fizz up in my nutriblender but it didn’t – in fact it gives it a bit of ‘life’ ! The taste is incredible and kept me going from breakfast through to lunch!

The best thing apart from the taste is it’s not thick, it doesn’t leave a coating around your mouth like some do and the consistency is the same all the way throughout – I didn’t have to stir or shake it once it was made up. It was simply gorgeous!

The second flavour – Lean Green protein smoothie I was so keen to try after enjoying my breakfast so much. I thought

if it’s half as nice as the Protein Punch flavour I will be hooked!

I decided to make a fruit Kebab to enjoy with it and sat there looking at it longing for lunchtime to arrive so I could try it! Only one word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Lean Green Protein Smoothie! I love it! I used 250ml M&S Blood Orange Sparkling Water again with this one and it’s lovely! The Lean Green smoothie mix is made up of a Nutripellet containing Whey protein, chlorella and spirulina – both super foods, along with spinach, banana, pineapple and poppy seeds. They come individually wrapped and frozen. I could taste the whey protein slightly and the spinach but this wasn’t unpleasant, in fact it’s delicious! Of the two flavours the Protein Punch has the slight edge but they are both so tasty in their own right. I love them with flavoured water and you could use any flavour, coconut water or milk if you aren’t bothered about adding extra calories. The Lean Green Protein Smoothie is 174 cals per 100gms and the pack is 140gms.

I definitely want to continue enjoying these, they are so lovely and nutritious too! I am a bit fussy with things like this but they are so good!

No chopping, washing or peeling either and would be great for a delicious breakfast or lunch on the move or an after gym boost. When I tasted the Protein Punch flavour I thought i may not like this but I was so wrong!

Thyme have kindly set up a taster pack and if you use my free delivery code ‘methyme’ then they work out at an incredible £1.67 per smoothie!

Thyme are so much more than a smoothie maker though. If you look at their website they make some amazing meals for the family too which I have yet to delve into!

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